Yoga, Pilates And Strength – Body Groove
Gentle Groovy Yoga
Yoga offers tremendous health benefits, but it’s complicated and intimidating. This unique twist on yoga peels away the complexity to turn yoga into gentle dances, so that ANYONE can get the benefits.
  • No prior yoga experience required
  • Unlock incredible flexibility that makes everyday life safer and more comfortable
  • Get that “post-workout bliss” without a frustrating yoga experience
Gentle Groovy Pilates
Pilates is a proven winner for toning muscles, and with Misty’s easy-to-follow teaching, you’ll get all the results without any of the complexity.
  • Lengthen your muscles without any fancy gym equipment
  • Strengthen from head to toe
  • Perfect for any fitness level
15 Minute Yoga Fusion with Heather
These efficient 15 minute workouts fuse dance and yoga for an amazing workout.
  • Easy-to-do yoga workouts for any fitness level
  • Low-impact and easy on your body
Groovy Weights
Grab your weights and get your groove on with these strength workouts!
  • Use small weights to build lean, toned muscles
  • Learn how to use household objects as weights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which videos collections do you recommend for beginners?

A. Although almost all of our collections are great for all experience levels, Delicious Dance, Light & Easy, and Move & Groove are ideal collections for beginners.

Q. How do I watch the videos?

A. You can watch your videos on our web site using your computer, tablet or smartphone, or use our smartphone/tablet apps for iOS and Android. You can also use our apps for Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV and Amazon FireTV to watch your videos on your TV. We have a great customer support team that is ready to help you get started!

Q. Which video collections are included with the all-access membership?

A. All of them! Members get access to EVERYTHING (including FUTURE releases!) for as long as their membership is active. We offer monthly and yearly membership subscriptions, and during special events, we will sometimes offer a LIFETIME membership that gives permanent membership without any future payments.