For New Groovers – Body Groove
For New Groovers
Start your Body Groove journey with these videos!
Delicious Dance
Delicious Dance is a totally new way of dancing that feels amazing and transforms your body, without any complicated choreography.
  • Intuitive movements come naturally (you’ll get this right away!)
  • So fun you won’t even feel like you’re exercising
  • Easy to do at any fitness level
Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge
Our week-long Groove retreats will change your life, but they aren’t a practical option for everyone. With this video collection, you can get all the benefits in the comfort of your own home, by working at your own pace through this 30 day program.
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  • Each day, you’ll work through Misty’s Discover Your Groove workshop, which will help you change your life from the inside out
  • Then you’ll hit the dance floor with a 30 minute dance routine designed to put what you learned in the workshop into practice right away
  • This is the perfect program for anyone committed to transforming their life
The 21 Day Turnaround
The 21 Day Turnaround is the perfect way to get started with Body Groove!
  • A collection of 21 workouts (20-30 minutes each) to kickstart your Body Groove journey
  • Hand-picked from the Delicious Dance, Dance Your Heart Out, Move & Groove, Freestyle Fun and House Party collections
  • You'll make AMAZING progress in just 21 days