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Privacy Policy

Body Groove Privacy Policy (updated May 24, 2018)


(Update details: We clarified our policy so that we are in full compliance with GDPR.)


We value and protect yourprivacy(hey, we don’t like people misusing our personal data, either!). This document explains how we take care of your personal data.

Who we are:

We are Body Groove LLC - a US-based company dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our customers. We proudly provide our products to customers all over the world (61 countries and counting!) and handle your personal information in compliance with all applicable laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR.

This privacy policy explains what personal information we collect, what we do with it, and how you can view, correct, and delete it. If you have questions about your personal information which are not answered in this document, please contact us using the contact info at the end of this document.

From time to time, we update this policy to adapt to changes in the law or new situations. When our policy is updated, we will note the date of the update at the top of this document, and provide a quick summary, so you can keep up to date.

 (Do you have a non-privacy, customer support question for us? Use help@bodygroove.comfor fast and friendly customer service.)


What information do we collect? And what do we do with it?

We collect the following bits of personal information directly from you when you provide them (we assume that when you give us this info you want us to have it):


Your name– We use this to get your shipment to you, and to address you by your first name when we email you. We share this information with our financial partners to process your order, and with our shipping partners, because we don’t want to mail your package to “Anonymous Groover”.  


Your address- We use this to get your order to you. It’s shared with our financial partners to verify your order, and with our shipping partners. We keep your shipping address if you create an account so that the next time you place an order, you won’t have to type it all in again.


Your phone number- You can share your phone number with us (although it’s optional if you place an order online). We'll send you text updates on your order so you can stay up to date on the progress of your shipment. On some occasions, we may call you if we have a question about an order you’ve placed or to follow up with you. If you call us to place an order, and the call is disrupted, we may call you back to pick up where you left off. We don’t share your phone number with anyone.


Your email address– We use your email address to send you information about your orders (including account verification, shipping updates, and customer service issues), and to give you access to certain content on our web site. We also like to send you emails about cool stuff we’re making, and news and info about health that we think is valuable to you. We don’t want you to get spam from anyone, so we don’t share your email. We do use your email address to connect with you on platforms where you have already shared your email address (for example: Facebook and Instagram). Speaking of which…have you liked our Facebook page yet?


Your order history– Obviously, we know what you order from us. We keep track of those orders to provide top-notch customer service to you. Some details of your order are shared with our shipping partners (so they know how much to charge us for postage) and with customs officials if we ship your order outside the US. If your financial institution suspects that your order was fraudulent (typically this happens only when you dispute a charge), we may share information about your order with them to try to clear things up.


Your credit/debit card information– We collect credit/debit card information (including the name on the card, the card numbers, the expiry date, and the card security code) so we can process your order. In many cases, your payment for an order will actually be processed by our financial partners (Shopify, Braintree, PayPal, Google and Apple), and your credit/debit card info will never be held by us. When we do have your credit/debit card info (typically if you’ve called in to place an order), we will use the data to process the payment and then destroy the data. We have to share your credit/debit card data with processors, but other than that, we never, ever, ever disclose any credit card data, and once an order is processed, we delete the data.


We collect the following pieces of data using software:


Your web browsing technical information– We partner with Shopify to manage our web site (they tell us that our blog posts are among the most popular of all the sites they manage – thanks for sharing our posts!). Shopify collects information about your web browser, including your IP address, browser version details, and device data. We partner with Google to collect similar analytics information, and in some cases, we use an additional service to attempt to know what country you are in (to make sure we get you the right products). We collect this info to help us improve our web site, to get you customized info, and let you put items in your shopping cart. Beyond those partnerships, we don’t share our analytics data. Once your web browsing data is shared with partners like Google and Shopify, they handle it in keeping with their own privacy policies.


Your visit to our web site– We have tracking pixels installed on our web site that register your visit with Google and Facebook. Those companies use that data to give you a more customized user experience on their platforms (for example, to show you more Body Groove related content, including our advertisements). If you don’t use their platforms, this won’t affect you. Google and Facebook obviously have loads more of your personal data than we do, and they have whole teams of people who are dedicated to making sure they are using it in appropriate ways. 


Let’s talk about cookies…


Cookies are cute little bits of computer data (they’re adorable, really) which usually include a unique identifier. Each device that visits our web site gets a cookie.


We use cookies to make our web site easier for you to use. For example, when you add an item to your shopping cart on our web site, we store that information in the cookie we gave you. This allows you to purchase more than one item in an order.


Since cookies are stored on your device, you can delete them at any time.


Where is your personal data stored?


No matter where in the world you are when you access our web site, some of your personal data eventually makes its way to our office in California. We leverage the Amazon Web Services platform, so your data will be stored in Amazon’s secure data centers worldwide. Even when your personal data is transferred or stored outside the European Economic Area, it is only in countries which the EC Commission has says provide an appropriate level of security for your data.


How do we keep your personal data secure?


We follow industry standard practices to ensure that the data you share with us stays safe. That said, there are no methods of storing or transmitting data that our 100% safe, and we can’t guarantee the security of your personal data.


What will happen if there is a data breech?


We’ve never had a data breech, but if your personal data ever falls into the wrong hands, we’ll notify you by email (and call all the appropriate authorities) within 72 hours.


How do we comply with legal requests for personal data?


If we receive a lawful request for personal data from law enforcement authorities, or a court order for data, we will comply.


What rights do you have to access, correct, or delete your personal data?


Your personal data is yours – we’re just borrowing it to do a better job for you. You have a right to know what personal data of yours we’re keeping, to correct it if we have the wrong data, and to remove it whenever you want. We do have to warn you, however, that we can’t provide good customer service without your data (for example – if you ask us to delete your email address, we can’t send you shipping updates on your order).


Here are the rights you have:


The right to view your data– You can contact us (using the contact info near the end of this document) and request a copy of all the personal data we have that belongs to you.


The right to object to data processing– We use your personal data to do things like send you emails. If you don’t want us to use your info, you can ask us not to. The simplest way to opt-out of emails from us is to use the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every email we send you.


The right to transfer your data somewhere else– By EU law, you have the right to transfer all of your personal data to another company. Honestly, we’re not sure why you would want to send your order history to another company, but we won’t question you if you ask us for your data.


The right to complain about the way we handle your data-  We try to follow the Golden Rule of Personal Data (GRPD): treat your data the way we would want ours treated. We do our darndest to comply with all applicable laws, and we try to always do the right thing. But if you aren’t happy with the way we’re handling your data, you have a right to complain to data protection authority in your country.


The right to correct or update any personal information– If we have out of date or incorrect personal data, we would love it if you would exercise your right to update it. You can send us an email at, and we’ll get your info up to date.


The right to be forgotten– We all want to be remembered, but you do have a right to be forgotten, at least when it comes to your data. If you want us to delete your personal data, we will. For the sake of clarification: if we delete your data, and then you give it to us again, we will not automatically delete it again. For example, if you clear your browser cookies, any items you had placed in your shopping cart on our web site will disappear into the ether. If you come back to our site to add more items to your cart, we will place a new cookie on your device with your new shopping cart items.


Contact info


For all requests related to your personal data or our privacy policy, please contact us using the info below:


Body Groove LLC

Attn: Chieftess of Privacy

24310 Moulton Pkwy,

Suite O #1016,

Laguna Hills, CA 92637 



send us an email at