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Move & Groove
Amazingly easy yet incredibly fun dance moves make this collection an instant good time!
  • Tap into your natural rhythm abilities that you may not even know you have
  • Customize your pace to make it perfect for you
  • Go from “I’m not a dancer” to “Watch how I move!” in your first session
Freestyle Fun
You don’t need to follow complicated rules to dance and get healthy! These dance sessions teach you how to break all the rules to unleash the dance star within.
  • Forget copycat dancing - develop your own style that authentically expresses you
  • A wide mix of styles to cover all your musical bases
  • Proves once and for all that if you can have fun while you move, you can accomplish all your fitness goals
Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge
Our week-long Groove retreats will change your life, but they aren’t a practical option for everyone. With this video collection, you can get all the benefits in the comfort of your own home, by working at your own pace through this 30 day program.
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  • Each day, you’ll work through Misty’s Discover Your Groove workshop, which will help you change your life from the inside out
  • Then you’ll hit the dance floor with a 30 minute dance routine designed to put what you learned in the workshop into practice right away
  • This is the perfect program for anyone committed to transforming their life
Elevate Your Fitness
Body Groove choreographer Heather Winia is a professor of physical education, but you don’t need to be a university student to get an in-depth fitness education. Heather’s 12 week Elevate Your Fitness program will guide you through mastery of the 12 key dimensions of fitness so that you can take complete charge of your health.
  • Weekly video lectures that cut through the confusion around fitness to give you the knowledge you need to master your health
  • You’ll put your knowledge into action with workouts that highlight each week’s fitness dimension
  • You can interact directly with Heather through her private Facebook group just for Elevate Your Fitness students
Sassy...And I Know It
Unleash your sassiest and most unstoppable you with these dance moves.
  • “Power generating” choreography converts your physical movements into incandescent confidence
  • You’ll finish this dance party OVERFLOWING with positive energy
  • The poise and courage you gain in the dances will transform every area of your life
Spicy Latin Dance Party
There’s something unique about Latin dance that inspires a life-changing surge of confidence! In this collection, Misty Tripoli and Dani Nobrega team up to unlock the secrets of latin dance in an easy and approachable way.
  • Fun (and very cool looking!) Latin routines to take your dancing to the next level
  • With just a few minutes of practice, you’ll be tearing up the dance floor like a pro
  • WARNING: the confidence you gain from latin dance will overflow into EVERY area of your life