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I Finally Got Tired of Being Sick and Tired.

Posted on June 11 2021

“I'm 53 years old. Several years ago I lost my ability to walk. My husband had to take me to the bathroom and everything. I was in significant pain every day. I got diagnosed with some autoimmune disorders. Medication helped a little, but then I had side effects to deal with. I finally got tired of being sick and tired.

I decided I was going to take my life back as much as I possibly could. I cleaned up my diet to make sure I had good fuel for my body to try to heal itself. I discovered Body Groove about a year ago and I started out with 2 routines a week. As I got stronger, I increased the number of routines I was able to do. My pain level decreased in a major way.

My rheumatologist is weaning me off of medication. He's weaning me off instead of just discontinuing the medication because he can't believe the turn around in my health. I was practically bedridden, and now I dance. I'm even able to jump and skip. As a matter of fact, I just removed popcorn ceiling and refinished the ceiling in my bathroom all by MYSELF. 

This program was a life saver. Never before had I ever been encouraged to modify movement. I was always made to feel that I was less than if I didn't copy the instructor exactly. Guess what? I'm a year into Body Groove, and I no longer have to modify anything. As a bonus, I've gone from a size 20 to a size 12. Take that autoimmune disease!”

- Laurie


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