Your Way is the Right Way. – Body Groove

Your Way is the Right Way.

Posted on July 15 2021

Just think. Even though there are nearly seven billion people in the world, no two people are exactly the same.

You are not the exact same as anyone else in the whole world.

While you share similar characteristics to all people. The way you look, think, feel, act, move.... is unique.

Because of this, you should never judge yourself or criticize yourself in any way because you do things differently. This is especially true with respect to the way you move your body...

You’re simply not designed to move the exact same way as someone else. 

No one has your body, no one has your structure, or your form, or your limitations, or your history. You are unique and you need to move uniquely.

I created Body Groove to be an experience where you can do this. Where you have permission to be yourself and move your body in a way that is not only really fun, but also authentic and unique to you.

Let me show you what I mean...

This routine is called Latina, and is from my Dance Your Heart Out Collection. While it's a basic Cha-Cha pattern, I want you to notice how everyone does it their own way. 

As you watch, or dance, pay attention to the way you're moving and notice how you do it differently too.



When you learn to move your body in your own unique way, it has the potential to give you the true, vibrant health you deserve.

So, embrace your uniqueness. Trust your intuition. Do things your way.

I promise you... Your way is the RIGHT WAY!

Much Love,