Body Groove makes me laugh, smile and enjoy taking time for me.

Posted on July 20 2021

"I am just a “normal” person. I am a person who does great with a new program, takes vitamins, says positive things to myself for usually about two weeks straight and then I make excuses as to why I cannot do it anymore. I am too busy at work, it costs too much, it isn’t working anyway, or I am never going to look differently becomes my internal struggle. 

I started Body Groove on Jan 3, 2021. I have completed a Groove every single day. I turned 50 in the beginning of March and I feel better than I ever have.

Grooving and Misty Tripoli talks have absolutely brightened my outlook. Yes weight and inches have been lost but that is not even the main factor. Knowing I am my own body and Grooving my way makes me laugh, smile and enjoy taking time for me. I was able to do the workshop a week or so ago and was even more inspired.

My 18 yr old daughter is almost finished her 30 day challenge. (I didn’t push or bug her but she saw how dedicated and happy it made me and asked how can she start).


- Michelle


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