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Groove Your Smoothie Recipes

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  • Groovy Hot Chocolate

    Nov 24 2022

    There's nothing better than hot chocolate on a cold night. And to make your hot chocolate even better... You can infuse it with protein...

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

    Jun 22 2022

    The Chocolate Peanut Butter Groove Your Smoothie is delicious on its own, but for a special treat, try this upgraded version. Servings: 1...

  • Sweet Vanilla Greens Smoothie Recipe

    Jun 22 2022

    This creamy treat adds leafy greens to the already power-packed Vanilla Groove Your Smoothie mix for an extra dose of heart-healthy goodn...

  • Mocha Smoothie

    Jun 22 2022

    Skip the trip to the coffee shop with this make-at-home treat that packs an entire day's worth of fruits and veggies into a delicious fro...

  • Spiced Carrot Cake Smoothie Recipe

    Jun 22 2022

    Start your day with this flavorful smoothie that tastes like a glass of spiced carrot cake! This smoothie goes well with any Groove Your ...