Body Groove HIIT doesn’t require you to follow strict routines. It’s a fun and effective dance workout that encourages you to adapt each move to suit your body and capabilities, so you can make every routine your own.
I’ll never ask you to move your body in a way that feels painful. I don’t want you to mindlessly copy what I’m doing, instead I ask that you take my cues as an opportunity to move your own way.
~ Misty Tripoli, Creator of Body Groove
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) tends to consist of rigid and difficult routines. Body Groove Dance HIIT is different… When you get sweaty with me, I will always encourage you to make each move your own, instead of trying to copy me and move exactly as I move. After all, you’re different, unique, and your moves should be too.

I did other workouts for years. The ones where you have to do exactly what they are doing and would beat myself up if I didn’t feel like I was doing as many reps as the people on the screen, or moving as fast. It got to the point where I just stopped enjoying working out and just stopped doing it. Then came Body Groove…

When I first saw the ad on Facebook I couldn’t believe it was a real program so I scrolled past. After seeing it a few more times, I decided to give it a try. It was love at first dance! I look forward to doing this program on a daily basis and love that I can move at my own pace and I can be my own individual instead of trying to mimic everyone else. Best thing I ever did for me.” - Shauna P.

Since you'll do exactly what feels right for you, I promise you'll see incredible results! You'll be amazed at what your body can do when you let it have fun when you exercise.


It’s the incredibly adaptive workout you can do sitting down if you want!


You can literally do this workout anyway you want! It’s all up to you!

Make each move your own with Body Groove HIIT


4 complete Body Groove workouts


Workout Series 1 - $20 Value

7 routines - 39 minutes

Workout Series 2 - $20 Value

6 routines - 28 minutes

Workout Series 3 - $20 Value

6 routines - 27 minutes

Workout Series 4 - $20 Value

6 routines - 27 minutes

Here’s some samples of our dances

Rock This Joint! (Featured in this collection)

Watch Dis (Featured in this collection)

Hypnotiq (Featured in this collection)

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