Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 24 – Body Groove

Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 24

Let me start today by asking you.... how was meeting your future self like? Did you give yourself some amazing advice?

Today, we have a very special Discover Your Groove Workshop session for you where you’ll be able to implement all this advice into your life.

As we talk about in our session today, it’s VITALY important to feel what your future is like.

The more that you can SENSE what it feels like to live YOUR delicious life, the more you’ll find yourself naturally heading towards it with every step you take.

When you take time to “rehearse” living in the midst of your most delicious life possible, you’ll find that as you move towards that future, it feels familiar, like you’re returning to a home you’ve always known.

After you spend some time “rehearsing” today, I want you to write down everything you felt in your journal.

Then, for your workout, let’s get your groove on!!!!