Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 20 – Body Groove

Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 20

We’ve now covered the first three Groove Truths...

1. You are Unique
2. No One Cares What You Look Like
3. Your Way is the right way

It’s time to put them into practice.

Embracing these Groove Truths is a roadmap to finding your true health and happiness, and I so want you to experience this for yourself. However, no one can do it for you. You’ve got to be the one to put everything into practice, and it will take practice. That’s because these Groove Truths aren’t perfected overnight.

It can sometimes take putting them into practice many times before they start to take hold. But don’t ever give up. Step by step, inch by inch, you can transform the way you look at things and the way you treat and love your body.

So, today I want practice these Groove Truths together.

If you’re feeling it, PUSH yourself to really see what your body can do but always go according to what you can do. Remember, some days that’s a lot and others days, not so much. Always listen to your body.