Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 16 – Body Groove

Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 16

These last couple of days we’ve talked about the first 2 Groove truths...

1. No one cares what you look like
2. You are unique

These truths serve as the foundation for you learning to love yourself.

When you stop worrying about what others think and embrace your own uniqueness, that’s when the magic can really happen. While these truths are easy to talk about, they’re actually more difficult to put into practice but that’s why we dance.

The dance floor is that place to practice these truths. It’s amazing to see women all over the world who have taken this confidence from the dance floor to their everyday lives. You can do the same!!!

In today’s challenge I want you to simply practice being yourself. All the while remembering that no one cares what you look like.

Best of all, with todays’ workshop challenge – all you need to be able to do is walk. Walking is super simple, right? Yes, but as you’ll soon see that this “walking” it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Check it out now.

After you’ve done todays “walking” workshop, I want you to grab a pen and paper and write down your thoughts about how you can apply more of these two Groove truths in your life. And it doesn’t need to be anything big.

It could be as simple as wearing something different than you normally would. Or, it could be trying something new that fits your true personality. No matter what, try to figure out the things that will help you discover your true self.