Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 14 – Body Groove

Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 14

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the things that make you special and unique.

If you don’t know by now... please allow me to remind how much of an amazing person you are.

You have so many gifts that make you special and today it’s time for you to recognize how these unique gifts can bless your life and the life of the people around you.

But you’re going to need your pen and paper as today’s workshop is going to require some writing.

Now, we’re going to do a meditation together that will help you explore more about your gifts. And remember, you can’t get this wrong.

From previous days you should have started working on your list of things that make you special, or the things that you like about yourself.

Appreciating all of this doesn’t happen in one day. So, I want you to dive a little deeper today in identifying the things that make you amazing. Today’s list should be an extension of the list that you’ve already started.

Do today’s meditation with me but also stop and write down whatever comes to your mind and whenever you feel inspired.

I want your list today to be something that you reflect on in the days to come. I really think you’re going to love this exercise.