Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 11 – Body Groove

Discover Your Groove 30 Day Challenge - Day 11

Imagine if it were actually IMPOSSIBLE to have negative thoughts about yourself?

Imagine, for example, that when you looked in the mirror, you could only see yourself positively instead of finding fault?

Imagine if every time you danced, you felt like the greatest dancer in the world, no matter how you moved?

Imagine if you examined your life and only saw the ways you’re making progress towards improvement?

Do you think that without any negative thoughts weighing you down, you would feel lighter? Do you think you’d be a happier person to everyone in your life, a source of encouragement to everyone you met?

When you change your thoughts, ONE THOUGHT AT A TIME, the rest follows. It’s really that simple! Keep that in mind as we continue through our workshop together.

For your challenge today, I want you to write down some of the negative thoughts or self-talk that creeps in and discourages you. Once you’ve identified some of these negative thoughts, I want you to ask yourself this question: who would you be if it was impossible for you to think those thoughts?

This challenge is one that may take some time to really think about but it's so important. Even if you can't finish it all at once.

You are awesome!!