Dance workouts – Body Groove
Delicious Dance
Delicious Dance is a totally new way of dancing that feels amazing and transforms your body, without any complicated choreography.
  • Intuitive movements come naturally (you’ll get this right away!)
  • So fun you won’t even feel like you’re exercising
  • Easy to do at any fitness level
Light & Easy
Light & Easy is a gentle yet effective introduction to Body Groove.
  • Simple movements allow beginners to make immediate progress
  • “Goldilocks” pacing keeps your heart rate in an ideal fat burning range while you dance
  • Stability by design keeps you safe and confident while you build your balance
Dance Your Heart Out
Learn how to dance with authenticity and passion to truly tune-in to your body.
  • Liberating dances that become more expressive each time you do them
  • Gentle “slow-down” routines build balance and agility
  • Bonus self-care session teaches the pain relieving secrets of self-massage
Get Happy
Did you know that your happiness is determined in large part by your levels of “happiness hormones”? The Get Happy Collection is designed to send those happiness levels soaring!
  • “Zero-frustration” dances guarantee immediate success
  • Whole-body movements release tons of “happiness hormones”
  • Synchronizes your mind and body to relieve stress and anxiety
Classsic Grooves
Turn back the clock with these retro grooves set to jammin’ swing, jazz, blues, R&B and funk music.
  • Tap into a century’s worth of popular music styles to keep your Groove sessions fresh
  • Master many different varieties of dancing by learning how to do it the way that is right for your body
  • Time-tested dance movements that will make you feel light on your feet
Move & Groove
Amazingly easy yet incredibly fun dance moves make this collection an instant good time!
  • Tap into your natural rhythm abilities that you may not even know you have
  • Customize your pace to make it perfect for you
  • Go from “I’m not a dancer” to “Watch how I move!” in your first session
Body Groove HIIT
The closely guarded secret of elite sports training meets freestyle, no-rules dancing!
  • Use carefully timed intervals to trigger 24 hours of fat burning hormones
  • Engages full range of motion to put your body into muscle-sculpting mode
  • Includes “zero crunch” ab workouts to deliver an amazing core workout while you dance
Sassy...And I Know It
Unleash your sassiest and most unstoppable you with these dance moves.
  • “Power generating” choreography converts your physical movements into incandescent confidence
  • You’ll finish this dance party OVERFLOWING with positive energy
  • The poise and courage you gain in the dances will transform every area of your life
Family Groove
Groove for the whole family! This collection connects all ages through the power of dance!
  • Easy to do, from ages 5 to 95
  • Teaches kids (and grownups, too) how to listen to their bodies and express themselves through dance
  • An essential tool to counter the effects of a confidence-crushing social media culture that threatens far too many young people
House Party
From our living room to yours, this collection turns your house into a dance party. Be sure to invite your friends!
  • 6 party playlists loaded with a wide variety of music from our favorite artists
  • Each playlist includes both heart-pumping cardio and relaxing cool-downs
  • Transforms your TV room into a creative dance studio where you can dance with abandon
Feel Good Grooves
Your body was made to move, which is why these dance moves will make your body feel amazing! Once you try these dances, you’re going to crave your next Groove session!
  • Ingeniously choreographed by hip-hop dance trainer MirandaGroove to spark your body’s stress-relieving defenses
  • You’ll look as good as you feel with these graceful movements
  • Includes “Towel Groove”, a wildly creative workout with hand towels
All About Style
Pressed for time? You only need 15 minutes to get a complete workout for your entire body with these efficient and entertaining Groove sessions.
  • These workouts are themed by music style, and include hip-hop, funk, blues, jazz, swing, rock, disco, and more
  • Since they are so short, you can do one in the morning and one in the evening to double your impact
Freestyle Fun
You don’t need to follow complicated rules to dance and get healthy! These dance sessions teach you how to break all the rules to unleash the dance star within.
  • Forget copycat dancing - develop your own style that authentically expresses you
  • A wide mix of styles to cover all your musical bases
  • Proves once and for all that if you can have fun while you move, you can accomplish all your fitness goals
Tropical Groove
Let the tradewinds carry you away to the tropics with this feel-good dance party filmed live under the beautiful Hawaiian sun.
  • Gentle, spacious dance rhythms blend perfectly with the tropical landscape to set a relaxing mood
  • Choreographer MirandaGroove’s infectious humor gives these dance sessions an extra dose of fun
  • Includes “Towel Groove 2”, which is as entertaining as it is effective
Dance Party with Dani
Looking for dance moves that express your very own sophisticated style? Choreographer Dani Nobrega has you covered with this cool and cosmopolitan collection of gorgeous dances.
  • Push your creative limits with Dani’s inspiring coaching
  • Discover just how much you are capable of by trying these new routines
  • These dances will leave you feeling completely at-home on ANY dance floor
Spirit Groove
Dancing isn’t just about burning calories and getting stronger. It’s also about waking up and revitalizing the vibrant spirit within you.
  • This collection is all about creating true harmony between your mind, body and spirit
  • Choreographer Garnet Suidy will help you unleash all of your passion and motivate you to reach your goals
  • These dances are guaranteed to leave you feeling more and more at peace with the deliciously unique YOU
Spicy Latin Dance Party
There’s something unique about Latin dance that inspires a life-changing surge of confidence! In this collection, Misty Tripoli and Dani Nobrega team up to unlock the secrets of latin dance in an easy and approachable way.
  • Fun (and very cool looking!) Latin routines to take your dancing to the next level
  • With just a few minutes of practice, you’ll be tearing up the dance floor like a pro
  • WARNING: the confidence you gain from latin dance will overflow into EVERY area of your life
If you’ve been led to believe that endless squats and lunges at the gym are the only way to get a booty workout, this video collection is for you! You’ll learn how to dance your way to a world-class lower body workout that you’ll love.
  • These dances help you tap into your full range of lower body motion, without painful and dangerous gym equipment
  • Although these lower body workouts are quick, you’ll burn a TON of energy, so get ready to sweat
  • The dance moves are a great workout, but they also look amazing on the dance floor
Young At Heart
The search for the fountain of youth is over! Dancing keeps you young, and this collection was created by Misty Tripoli and her two favorite 82-year-old dance teachers to show anyone, at any age, how to regain youthful energy and vitality.
  • Gentle yet challenging for anyone, at any age
  • Increase strength, balance and agility that to immediately improve your daily living
  • The brain-body coordination of dancing is PROVEN to improve the cognitive performance of seniors
Morning, Noon And Night
The perfect groove, for every moment of your day! In this collection, MirandaGroove gives you quick 10 minute routines designed for morning, noon and night.
  • Start the day with a gentle wake up that kick starts your day
  • When you’re ready for a midday pick-me-up, all you need is 10 minutes of grooving
  • Guarantee yourself great sleep with 10 minute relaxation routines that will melt away any stress or tension
Fit In 15
These 15 Minute fitness-focused dance workouts are as efficient as they are fun!
  • Complete workouts in 15 minutes
  • Increase strength, balance and agility that to immediately improve your daily living
  • The brain-body coordination of dancing is PROVEN to improve the cognitive performance of seniors
Body Groove FIT
In just 20 minutes, choreographer and fitness expert Heather Winia can give you an amazing workout with these dances.
  • Five 20-minute dance sessions to take your fitness to the next level
  • The name of the game with these routines is FUN, so your workouts will fly by fast
  • Like all Body Groove sessions, you modify everything to match your energy and fitness level

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which videos collections do you recommend for beginners?

A. Although almost all of our collections are great for all experience levels, Delicious Dance, Light & Easy, and Move & Groove are ideal collections for beginners.

Q. How do I watch the videos?

A. You can watch your videos on our web site using your computer, tablet or smartphone, or use our smartphone/tablet apps for iOS and Android. You can also use our apps for Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV and Amazon FireTV to watch your videos on your TV. We have a great customer support team that is ready to help you get started!

Q. Which video collections are included with the all-access membership?

A. All of them! Members get access to EVERYTHING (including FUTURE releases!) for as long as their membership is active. We offer monthly and yearly membership subscriptions, and during special events, we will sometimes offer a LIFETIME membership that gives permanent membership without any future payments.