How is the Body Groove content organized?

When we first launched the Body Groove dance videos, we had 32 routines available to stream.

Last time we counted, there were now over 800 different workout videos on Body Groove (not counting compilations like the Workout Of The Day). We've done our best to make it easy to find what you're looking for by organizing it like this:

  • For New Groovers - If you're just starting your Body Groove journey, this is a great place to start
  • Featured - See what's hot and trending on Body Groove
  • Programs and Challenges - If you're looking for a structured format for your grooves, this category includes programs like the Workout Of The Day and Elevate Your Fitness.
  • Dance Workouts - No matter what style of dance workout you are looking for, you'll find it here.
  • Yoga, Pilates and Strength - Have you tried Heather's newest 15 Minute Yoga Fusion workouts? You'll find them in this category.
  • Therapeutic Movement - These videos from Garnet Suidy are designed to keep your muscles and joints feeling good so you can keep on Grooving.
  • Mindset - From meditations to the Discover Your Groove workshop, you'll find all our coaching content here.


For all of our playlists, you'll find both the complete playlist as a single video (for easy uninterrupted Grooving), as well as each individual track, so you can build your own custom playlists. For the Workout Of The Day, you also have the option of choosing a single video, or choosing a collection of individual tracks.

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