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Young At Heart Workout DVD

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YOUNG at HEART was inspired by two of my very best friends, Roger and Yvonne Puckett.

Roger and Yvonne, from New York City, have been dancing their entire lives... and they'll tell you it's been the secret to their youthfulness.

Both in their 80's, Roger and Yvonne are the epitome of youthful, vibrant health.

As you'll see, YOUNG at HEART is about moving your body in a fun, enjoyable, stress-free and relaxing way… something you can’t wait to do, and you don’t want to stop…

Just check out a couple of the routines from my YOUNG at HEART COLLECTION…





Each YOUNG at HEART workout series consists of five, 4-5 minute dance routines, and each workout is about 30 mins long.

Workout #1 - $19 value

(5 routines - 23 mins) Young in Spirit, Want You Back, Unicorns & Rainbows, Soulsa, Stillness

Workout #2 - $19 value

(5 routines - 28 mins)

Better Things, Anything, Deepened, Tangoed, Wave

Workout #3 - $19 value
(5 routines - 22 mins)
Heist, Say You Will, How'd You Do, Gardenia, Loud Whisper
Workout #4 - $19 value
(5 routines - 26 mins)
Swing Boogie, Brand New Day, Mamma Dance, Upstate, Volition
PLUS you'll also get:
Soft and gentle full-body warmup
Before you get your groove on, you can use this beautiful, flowing dance track to improve flexibility and balance. It’s also a great cool-down after your workout!

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