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Groove Your Smoothie Superfood Smoothie Mix - Welcome Gift



Groove Your Smoothie is a nutrient-packed, superfood meal replacement mix that we’ve meticulously crafted for you our Body Groove members. 

It gives you the peace of mind knowing that you're putting the highest quality, nutrient-dense ingredients into your body and comes in 3 delicious flavors… 

Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla.

Each serving of Groove Your Smoothie includes 20 grams of the highest quality plant protein, 4 complete servings of fruits and vegetables, 6 grams of dietary fiber, and 22 vitamins and minerals. 

It's a complete meal that lets you take the guess work out of what you should eat to enjoy vibrant health.

With Groove Your Smoothie, we've done all the work for you!

Most of us know that to be healthy we need to eat more whole, healthy foods and less processed foods.

More fruits and vegetables... Less hamburgers and fries.

However, even though we know it's important, getting more whole foods into our diets can be tricky. 

But Groove Your Smoothie Superfood Smoothie Mix does all the work for you. 

It's jam packed full of the most highly nutritious superfoods available and is overflowing with vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fiber... 

It couldn't be more simple to get the exact foods you need for optimum health.

With just one serving you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're putting the highest quality, most nutrient dense foods into your body. 

With Groove Your Smoothie, it's one meal everyday that you don't have to stress over how you're going to get the healthy, whole foods that your body requires.

Groove Your Smoothie is Packed with Nutrient-Dense Goodness...

Each Groove Your Smoothie serving is designed to take the guesswork out of “what should I eat” for breakfast today? (Or for any other meal you care for).

With just a single scoop of Groove Your Smoothie, you’ll start seeing AND feeling the benefits almost immediately.

It is the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fiber... to start your day off on the right foot.


Body Groove is all about doing it your way. You move in whatever way is best for your body.

Likewise, you should be able to customize your smoothie too. Make it the way you want to.

To help make your smoothie YOUR WAY, we've designed these first of many booster packs. 

Whether youʼre looking to boost your immunity, care and protect your joints, or even give your skin, hair and nails a makeover... weʼve got you covered. 

With the GROOVE YOUR SMOOTHIE Booster Packs, you do it your way.

We're starting with 3 different Booster Packs... IMMUNITY, BEAUTY and JOINT CARE.

Each Booster Pack has specific ingredients to support these goals. They're single serving pouches that you can add to your smoothie according to how you’re feeling each day. 


What's Inside Groove Your Smoothie?

Take a look at the ingredients and nutritional information to see just how nutrient-dense your smoothie is going to be!

Here's the lineup for Chocolate...(click to enlarge)

And here are the facts about Vanilla...(click to enlarge)

And last but not least, the details on Chocolate Peanut Butter...(click to enlarge)

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