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Dance Your Heart Out DVD Collection

Dance Your Heart Out DVD Collection



The Dance Your Heart Out video collection features 30 amazing Body Groove routines in 5 super-fun workout videos. Each video is carefully designed to give every part of your body a great workout, and do it with STYLE! And since you get to take each dance movement and adapt it to your own style and fitness level, every time you Groove it's a fresh experience. 

Here's what included in the 2-DVD Dance Your Heart Out collection:

Series #1

Super Funk • Explore your own style with this super funky walk that will make you want to move.

Love Set Me Free • Feel the love deep within your soul with music and moves that will make you shine.

Booty Booty • Get your booty burning with this Reggae inspired groove-fest. 

Bong Biggety • This tribal beat that inspires you to creatively move your whole body.

Geetar • Funky... Fresh... & Chill. A groove that makes you wanna move every part of your body.

Just Love • A gentle cool down that has you stepping and swaying to a place of peace and love.


Series #2

Groove Out Rhythm • Dancing is as simple as walking with this jazzy, simple walk designed to get you ready to groove.

Girl's Club • A sexy, sassy walk and wiggle that will bring our your inner diva.

Crazy • Get your house party started with this energetic groove that's peppy and fun.

Chill Lounge • A funky groove that gets your legs moving and lets your body dance.

Latina • Spice it up with this cha-cha inspired groove that moves your whole body.

Introducing • A cool down with a jazzy walk that will put you a smile on your face.


Series #3

Jump and Stomp • Come for a peppy, jazzy walk to get your body in the mood to groove.

House PowerLegs. Buns. Arms. Shoulders. This techno inspired workout gives you permission to be wild.

Take A Ride • Get your whole body dancing as you take a ride with this totally funky groove.

Tail Switcher • Get your heart pumping with this full-body, booty shakin' dance number.

Riggy Ray • Get your Reggae on wtih this cool, relaxed groove that move your whole body.

SnappedCool down creatively with this tension-eliminating total body groove.


Alive & Strong

Tribal Funk • Get into the groove wih this knee lifting, tribal jam.

Come OnJazzy, peppy and full of energy... and just a little bit crazy.

It's Alive • 4 rounds of leg pumping intensity... groove style. Of course!

War & HonorA total body workout with a military themed twist.

Moonwalker • Bob & weave... and lunge your way to some seriously intense grooving.

Latin Beach ChillBring it down with this nice, easy groove that will chill your body and mind.


Relax & Restore

Outer Reaches • A flowing, meditative journey into the Groove to melt away tension.

Blues PianoSassy posing and slow, easy steps with lots of attitude gently strech your body.

Know Me Better • Graceful swaying arms and gentle ballet footwork set the tone for this relaxing routine.

String Theme • Gently build your balance and stability with this beautiful slow motion workout.

Canvas Creations • Harness the untapped power of your imagination as you move with total freedom.

LightnessComplete your restorative workout with this progressive relaxation routine.



This guided 14-minute self massage session is designed to empower your body's natural healing and restoration abilities. I recommend treating yourself to this amazing sensation at least once a week!

 Check out some routines included in this collection:

Super Funk


House Power

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