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Body Groove Fit DVD

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If you’ve been grooving with me for any amount of time, you know that I’m always telling you to listen to your bodyand only do what feels right.

And that’s the beauty of Body Groove… you move the way your body wants to move.

For me, some days I don’t have a lot of energy and don’t want to push myself too hard. Other days, I’m so energetic that I just can’t stop dancing and moving.

It’s on days like this that I like to challenge myself and see what my body can do. It’s another way to mix things up a bit and explore what I’m capable of.

I’m so excited to introduce you to something for the days where you’re up for a bit of challenge too. It’s called… Body Groove Fit.

I created Body Groove Fit with Heather Winia as a Groove workout that’s heart pounding and energetic.

Heather has been teaching Body Groove with me for about ten years and among other things currently teaches Groove classes to college students in Michigan. She’s a dear friend, a wonderful mom and grandma, and I think you’ll love her too.

Now don’t worry!

With Body Groove Fit you’ll never merely follow the leader… you’ll always do it your way… you can modify all the moves… and it’s a ton of fun. After all, it’s a Groove workout!!

Here's what's included on this DVD:

Body Groove Fit include five workouts that are each about 20 minutes long. They’re perfect for those days where you just want to challenge yourself a little while still moving and dancing your way.

Workout Series #1 - $19 value

(4 routines - 20 mins)
Nu Disco, Mindblaster, Balkan Dirty Xello, Kick Up Your Heels

Workout Series #2 - $19 value

(4 routines - 20 mins)
Far Away Lands, Tuff Turtle, Butterfly, Conscious

Workout Series #3 - $19 value

(4 routines - 20 mins)
Gold Lining, Big EDM Get Down, Sprinter Mix, Ethereal

Workout Series #4 - $19 value

(4 routines - 20 mins)
Super Twist, Dragon Temple, Moonbahton, Solar Expanse

Workout Series #5 - $19 value

(4 routines - 20 mins)
Balkan Crybaby, Country House Party, Super Pretty Disco, Dragon Dance

Check out this sample: