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Delicious Dance Deluxe DVD Collection

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Your BODY GROOVE DELICIOUS DANCE 6-Disc DVD collection includes...

Delicious Dance Series #1 - 7 routines - 39 minutes ($20 value)

Delicious Dance Series #2 - 6 routines - 28 minutes ($20 value)

Delicious Dance Series #3 - 6 routines - 27 minutes ($20 value)


Delicious Dance Stretch & Flex - 7 routines - 33 minutes ($20 value)

Delicious Dance Mind & Body - 6 routines - 24 minutes ($20 value)

Bootylicious Workouts ($20 value)


Check out "The Love Bus" (from Delicious Dance Series #1)

And here's "Big Moves" (from Delicious Dance Series #2)



Frequently Asked Questions

Will the DVDs play in all DVD players?
My DVDs are multi-region encoded to play in all DVD players worldwide.


I have physical limitations. Can I still do a Body Groove workout?
Body Groove allows for infinite modifications, so almost anyone can modify the workouts to match their fitness level. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program to make sure it's safe for you.


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