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Beauty Booster Pack for Skin, Hair and Nails (10 Pack) - One time add-on



Great health starts on the inside, but it shouldn’t stop there! Our Beauty Booster Pack upgrades your daily smoothie to support your body’s ability to grow healthy skin, hair and nails.

If you’ve noticed your skin becoming dryer and less smooth as the years have gone by, you’re not alone. We all see cracks and wrinkles forming. But have you ever wondered what’s happening? 

Those wrinkles are forming because your body is producing less collagen - the building block of skin cells. The good news is that with the Beauty Booster Pack, you can add back that missing ingredient for healthy skin. 

Studies show that when you add the 10g mega-dose of collagen in the Beauty Booster Pack to your daily diet, you’ll see smoother, more elastic skin. 

And the benefits of collagen don’t stop there! You’ll also help your body grow healthy nails and hair, for a vibrant appearance from head to toe.

The Beauty Booster Pack also includes an anti-aging secret weapon: hyaluronic acid.

When we’re young, our skin is well-supplied with hyaluronic acid to help keep our skin soft and supple. But over the years, environmental toxins and ultraviolet sunlight lower the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. 

But the Beauty Booster Pack restores missing hyaluronic acid to revitalize dry and weathered skin. You may have seen ultra-expensive hyaluronic acid injections offered by cosmetic surgeons, but you don’t need to resort to needles to give your skin what it needs. Just add the Beauty Booster Pack to your smoothie, and your body will deliver it right where you need it most. 

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