Welcome to the 21 Day Turnaround


You’ve just taken the most important step in your fitness journey - you’ve taken action!

The 21 Day Turnaround has 21 days worth of fun and easy dance workouts that will show you a whole different way to move your body.

Watching your videos on BodyGroove.com

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Watching your videos on the Body Groove apps

You can also watch your videos on any of our Body Groove apps for iOS, Android, Roku, AppleTV and Amazon FireTV.

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What comes after the 21 Day Turnaround

Your 21 Day Turnaround includes 21 of our most popular dance workouts, and you have access to those forever, so you can dance your way through the program as many times as you want.

When you’re ready for more, we have a massive library of more workouts, including many different styles of dance workouts, yoga, pilates, strength training, therapeutic movement, and more. Our library also includes mindset coaching workshops, as well as 30 and 90 day challenges.

To get access to the entire library, you can upgrade to an all-access membership pass here.

How to get help

If you ever need help with your Body Groove 21 Day Turnaround, we’re here for you! Just email us at help@bodygroove.com. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Grooves!

Much love,
Misty Tripoli
Creator of Body Groove