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The "No Pain, No Gain" lie

They say that if you simply repeat a lie often enough, people will accept it as truth, and that’s certainly the case with this widespread fitness mantra:

"No pain, no gain"

The idea is simple enough to understand...

If you want to get healthy, you just have to push your body to the point of pain...

There’s just one problem: it’s completely false! In fact, repeatedly beating up your body is a sure-fire way to lose your strength and mobility.

The insane origins of the No Pain, No Gain lie

I believe that what makes the “no pain, no gain” lie so effective is that it resonates with an insecurity deep inside of us...

See, when we’re not feeling healthy, we often feel like we are at war with our bodies...and the only way to win that war is to inflict pain and punishment on our bodies.

So we punish ourselves with exercise, only to learn that going to war against your body only leads to suffering and burnout.

So if that’s where you find yourself right now - if you’re still at war with your body - let me help you find a way to make peace so you can finally get healthy!

There is an alternative based on TRUTH

I promise that you can get yourself into great shape - probably the best shape of your life - without ever inflicting pain on yourself.

And the secret is SO SIMPLE...

You just have to move YOUR way!

See, your body is completely unique. The dimensions of each and every bone, muscle and joint are different for each of us.

So if you’re trying to mimic someone else when you exercise, chances are it’s going to be a painful and ineffective workout.

But take a look at this...

Every person in that video clip is moving differently, but each person is getting exactly the right workout for them, based on their body shape, fitness level, energy level - even your hormone levels play a part!

You see muscles moving in different directions, hearts beating at different rates, and lots of different personal styles, right? The one thing you don’t see? Pain. It simply isn’t necessary!

If you’re ready to leave behind the “no pain, no gain” nonsense, Body Groove is for you.

The first person Body Groove helped...was me!

Body Groove was something I created at the lowest point in my life - almost out of utter desperation. I had hurt my body so much, and I needed something to make it feel good. I abandoned my traditional “no pain, no gain” workouts, and embraced this new way of exercise, and experienced the most amazing health transformation of my life.

Naturally, I had to share it with others!

Once my eyes had been opened, I knew I could never go back to teaching regular fitness classes again. (And gyms aren’t too welcoming to anyone who questions the “no pain, no gain” party line...)

Thankfully, I was able to find other women who wanted to groove with me, and as I shared my Body Groove workouts with them, I was thrilled to see them begin to experience life-changing transformations as well.

And now I’m spreading Body Groove around the world!

To share Body Groove as much as possible, I’ve created at-home workout videos that are the perfect way for you to join the movement!

Available on DVD and streaming video, these short dance fitness routines are RADICALLY different than a typical workout, and you’ll be amazed how good they feel.

In each workout, I’ll share a couple of simple dance moves (don’t worry if you have “two left feet” - these are easy, and you can’t get it wrong).

But don’t try to be a copycat! Take what you learn, and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

Once the movement becomes your own, that’s where the magic happens!

Body Groove is SO DIFFERENT, it’s easiest to explain just by showing you a sample:

Look, if you’ve bought into the “no pain, no gain” lie, don’t blame yourself. It’s so widespread, it’s hurt nearly all of us.

But now that you know that there is another way, you owe it to yourself to say goodbye to painful workouts forever.

You won’t know how fantastic Body Groove feels until you try it yourself, so now is the time for you to join the club!

Body Groove On-Demand is now better than ever!

With 250+ workouts, workshops, and meditations, and a no-risk free trial, there's never been a better time to get started!

"There is SO much to access On-Demand! I'm really impressed by the quantity and variety of the workouts available."

Miriam G.
Body Groove On-Demand member

You get so much with Body Groove On-Demand!

 Access To The Entire Body Groove Library
 Instantly Stream More Than 250+ Different Workouts
 Easy-To-Follow Workout Of The Day
 Invitation To Join My 30-Day Challenge
 A Personal 30-Day Challenge Journal
 My Discover Your Groove Workshop
 “Stop Losing Sleep Over The Size Of Your Butt” e-Book
 Access To The Private Facebook Group

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Instantly stream your favorite Body Groove workouts

Body Groove On-Demand is available on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and if you want your Groove workouts on the big screen, you can easily stream the workouts to your Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and lots of other connected TV devices.

Get my easy-to-follow Workout of the Day

Instead of you spending time and energy trying to sort through and create your own workout every single day…I've done all the work for you.

Each day, I hand select a variety of the most popular routines from the Body Groove collection. All you have to do is log in, hit play, and start groovin!

Transform your life with my Discover Your Groove Workshop

When I'm not in the dance studio creating new Body Groove routines, you'll usually find me traveling the world leading my Groove Retreats.

In these retreats, I teach people the 5 Groove Truths that helped set me free from an unhealthy and unhappy life. I'm blown away by the transformations that come from these retreats...but I can only accomodate a few people at each retreat.

That's why I created the Discover Your Groove Online Workshop. You'll get the same life-changing coaching, and you can explore it at your own pace in this self-guided experience.

Body Groove isn't just about having all the right's also about having coaching and mindset training, and being part of a community where everyone is supporting each other on their journey.

That’s why one of the most valuable resources you’ll get is access to the private Facebook group for On-Demand groovers only!

This community of groovers support each other every single day, sharing their experiences, and inspiring everyone with their incredible progress.

You can ask questions, interact with myself and other instructors, and even ask for help if you ever need it. A community like this can give you inspiration when you need it the most...and help you be more consistent and get healthy even faster!

For years, I struggled against my body, abusing myself (and even becoming bulemic for years) in an effort to look a certain way. All that struggle just made my body tired and exhausted.

Then, I made some radical changes in my mindset that unlocked massive transformation in my health. In this book, you will discover 5 simple truths that will help you fall madly in love with your body. Truths that you can start living by right now and that will allow you to enjoy the deliciousness of life. The food, the flavors, the experiences, the joy; all of it.

Plus, this life changing book comes with a 30 day journal to walk you through the 30 Day Challenge on Body Groove On-Demand.

The book is available from our web site or Amazon, but when you sign up today, you'll get the e-book as your free welcome gift.

If you're ready to do the right thing for your health, Body Groove On-Demand makes it easy and affordable

Purchased separately, everything you're getting today would normally cost over $400.

Yet right now you can try it all for free with a 30 day free-trial!

You’ll join a movement that’s helping women just like you to become healthier in every way, feel sexier on the outside and inside, and experience joy and optimism they never thought possible.

All while having fun grooving together and encouraging each other in the private Facebook group!

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Meet Misty Tripoli, the creator of Body Groove

Hi, I’m Misty Tripoli, and I'm so excited for you to see my Body Groove dance videos.

Just like you, I was FED UP with boring, repetitive workouts that gave my body nothing but pain…

So I created Body Groove as a radical alternative to “regular” exercise…

Here's how it works:

In each 5 minute routine, we’ll do a couple of easy dance moves that work your whole body.

Rather than just following me exactly, I’ll teach you how to make each movement perfect for your body, no matter what your fitness level, and no matter what limitations you have that day.

Every time you Groove with me, you can do as many of the short dance workouts as you want, but I’ll never ask you do something that hurts because there’s no reason to add pain or stress to your body.

Instead, you’ll do exactly what feels right for you, and I promise you’ll see incredible results.

Here’s the difference between “regular” exercise and Body Groove

  "Regular exercise" Body Groove
Boring Loads of fun
Difficult to follow You can’t get it wrong
Copy an instructor Do it your own way
Monotonous Creative
Makes you hurt Makes you feel amazing

Body Groove is SO different than regular exercise that it’s kinda hard to explain exactly how it works.

So let me SHOW you instead...

Take a look at this short video...

As you can see, this workout has a couple of simple dance moves that will work your whole body.

Since we all have different bodies, with different energy and fitness levels, there’s no “one way” to do the workout. That’s why I teach you how to make it perfect for your body.

And check out the people dancing with me...they’re all different shapes, sizes, and ages, with different levels of fitness, energy, and mobility.

And they all did that workout in the way that was exactly right for them.

That’s why Body Groove is helping people get into the best shape of their lives, even when “regular” exercise seemed difficult and painful.

And the best part is you can start TODAY, no matter what your fitness level is right now.

Amanda's story

When Amanda from Illinois was diagnosed with diabetes, she knew she needed to find an exercise program that worked for her. But at 302 pounds, most “regular” workouts were painful and difficult. Watch what happened when she discovered Body Groove…

Real women of all shapes and sizes are discovering that Body Groove is the perfect workout to help them:

Melt off extra pounds

Build strength and endurance at any age

Increase flexibility and mobility

Here's what real women have to say about Body Groove:

Jami F.
Lost 60 pounds*

I didn't go into this thinking I would have this sort of weight loss, where my children look at me and say "you're melting".

Brigetta J.
Lost 65 pounds*

You move your body in a very gentle, compassionate way. And lo and behold, I've lost 65 pounds since January.

Tina K.
Lost 70 pounds*

The steps are very simple and easy to do. You don't feel tired or sore afterward. I love Body Groove!

Cindy S.
Lost 71 pounds*

I love Body Groove! It allows me to be active and use all my body. I can go at my own pace, and enjoy all that I do.

Toni K.
Lost 80 pounds*

It's a fun way to exercise and almost feel like you're not exercising, but you're getting a great workout.

Jennifer J.
Lost 100 pounds*

I had tried every diet and exercise program imaginable and given up on myself. In December, I found out I was going to have my first granddaughter. I don’t know why, but something clicked in my brain this time. I stumbled across a Body Groove video on Facebook and I was hooked. And today, I made it to that 100 pound mark in less than 7 months!

* Body Groove helps with weight loss when used in combination with healthy eating. Results will vary depending on starting point, duration and intensity of exercise, and other factors. Always consult your physician before you start this or any exercise program.

Now you may be thinking…how can such an easy dance workout give such great results?

It’s totally understandable if you’re skeptical.

After all, we’ve been told that if we want results, we have to beat up our bodies with “insane” workouts…

We’ve all heard the saying “no pain, no gain”...

But the truth is: you never need to hurt yourself to get healthy and lose weight. Body Groove is PROOF that there’s an easier way.

Over 500,000 women all over the world have joined the Body Groove Revolution, and now it’s your turn!

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What do 2,970 people have to say about Body Groove in their 5 star reviews on Facebook?

The Body Groove Workouts videos have changed the lives of thousands of women all over the world.

One of those women is Dana Grabowski. Here’s what she posted on Facebook about Body Groove…

She’s not the only one seeing life-changing results from Body Groove...

Need a boost getting started? Join the Body Groove 30 Day Challenge!

After working with thousands of women all over the world, I've consistently found that 30 days of taking small steps is the ideal way to create massive change in your life.

That's why if you are serious about finally transforming your health, the best thing you can do is take the Body Groove 30 Day Challenge.

Let me tell you why these next 30 days might just be the most important of your life.

My name is Misty Tripoli, and I have a confession to make...

For years, I beat myself up, mentally and physically.

I hated myself. I had no self-confidence.

And I abused my body with bulimia and hours of daily exercise.

I was deeply depressed and profoundly unhealthy.

And no matter what I did to try to turn things around, nothing helped.

Today, everything in my life has gotten healthier.

My body is healthier (I'm actually in the best shape of my life!)...

My relationships are healthier...

And most importantly, I am genuinely in love with who I am, and the life that I'm living.

Two things have caused this massive transformation for me:

  1. Changing what's going on inside my head (sounds complicated but trust me it's not)
  2. Moving my body in a completely unique way

So for the next 30 days, we're going to do two things together each day.

First, we will go through a portion of a workshop I lead called Discover Your Groove. This is a workshop that I usually lead at week-long retreats, but I've created an at-home video version just for this challenge.

You're going to need to commit about 15 minutes a day to get the most out of this workshop.

And while I will be leading the discussions, the real work is going to come from you, doing the journaling and breakthrough questions that will unlock a more peaceful inner world.

The second part of your daily challenge is going to be your dance workouts.

But I have to warn you, these aren't like any other workouts you've ever seen, because most exercise gets movement completely backwards!

See, the reason that no amount of traditional exercise could make me healthy is that I was trying to force movements onto my body.

But in the Body Groove videos, I'm going to show you how to move your body from the inside out.

You're going to learn a radically different way of exercising that will finally allow you to become agile, strong, flexible, and bursting with energy.

And the best part is, you can do the Body Groove workouts at any fitness level. You can even do them sitting in a chair!

You can watch the videos on your computer or your phone, or if you prefer the big screen, you can even use the Body Groove app to watch the videos on your Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV or Amazon FireTV.

And each day, you'll get everything you need for your daily challenge delivered right to your inbox.

What to expect in 30 days

I'm not going to promise you that in the next 30 days, you're going to become a professional dancer, lose 100 pounds, and solve world hunger.

But what I will promise you is this:

If you work with me for 30 days, you will be a happier, healthier, and far more authentic version of yourself.

Even more importantly, your life will be headed in the right direction. You'll be moving towards the life you deeply desire and truly deserve.

Here's what real women had to say about the 30 Day Challenge in our private Facebook group...

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