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Here’s what you’ll get with your $1 TRIAL of Body Groove

Your $1 trial gets you 100% full access to everything, so you can explore everything Body Groove has to offer at your own pace.

Using your email address, you can login to the web site, or any of our members-only apps for Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, and other streaming devices.

If you're new to Grooving, check out our "For New Groovers" section, where you'll find a wealth of dance workouts that are perfect for first-time Groovers.

In addition to hundreds of dance workouts, your membership also includes yoga, pilates, strength training, therapeutic movement, coaching and mindset workshops, and much, much more!

Not sure if you want to be a Groover? Consider the benefits…

1.    Fitness - Your body has an uncanny ability to shape itself based on its activities. Keep it planted on the couch, and you’ll eventually get a couch potato body. Become a dancer, and your body will shape itself to match.

2.    Brain health - Study after study has proven that dancing keeps your brain youthful at any age. If you want to keep your brain sharp and defend yourself from dementia as you age, becoming a dancer is your best bet.

3.    Confidence - If you feel yourself shrinking back in life because of stress and anxiety, you need a confidence boost to get you back on track. Dancing creates a fire of self-confidence that radiates into every area of your life.

Common Questions

Q. What is included in my $1 trial of Body Groove?

A. You get access to everything, nothing is held back. You’ll be able to explore everything Body Groove has to offer.

Q. How do I watch my Body Groove members-only videos?

A. You can watch your videos on our web site, or on our apps for your smartphone, tablet, Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, and Android TV.

Q. I’m new to Grooving, where should I start?

A. We have a category of videos called "For New Groovers" that is loaded with dances that are perfect for beginners. The most popular place to start learning is with our Delicious Dance collection, designed for all levels of experience and ability.

Q. What if I decide that Body Groove just isn't for me?

A. You can manage your membership online at any time in your account settings.