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The Delicious Dance Collection ($29 value)

The original and best-selling Body Groove videos! This 5 workout collection has hours of your favorite grooves!

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The Dance Your Heart Out Collection ($29 value)

These 6 Groove sessions take your dance workout to the next level, with 30 wide-ranging routines and an amazing self-care session that will leave you feeling amazing.

Plus FREE streaming videos access to exclusive “Tribe-only” workout videos including:

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Mindful Movement Collection ($29 value)

My yoga-inspired dance grooves unify your mind and body in these fast and easy workouts.

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Bootylicious ($29 value)

Get ready to shake your booty like never before with this outrageously fun and effective Groove workout.

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Just Groove ($29 value)

Say goodbye to inhibitions that keep you from moving your body the way that feels good to you! These dance sessions let you express and explore your way to awesome health!

Plus FREE future Body Groove releases

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My team and I are hard at work creating more amazing workout videos, and as soon as they are released, you’ll get free streaming access to them all as a member.

Plus My Discover Your Groove Workshop ($299 value)

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I love to see the transformation women experience when they come to one of my week-long retreats! The workshops take Body Groove much deeper and focus on creating the changes inside that allow you to truly love yourself. I know that not everyone can come to one of my retreats, so I’ve created this online workshop that reveals the same, life-changing truths in a format that you can do at home.

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