Give a friend the gift of Body Groove!

Give a friend the gift of Body Groove!

I’m sure you can think of a friend or loved one who would really enjoy Body Groove, but might be reluctant to sign up for a membership.


What they really need is for someone to come alongside them and take that first step on their behalf…someone to get the ball rolling…


That’s why I’d like you to consider buying them a gift membership for a year. With a gift membership, they’ll have access to all the Body Groove workouts and videos just like you do. 


And when their year of membership is up, maybe they’ll join again and keep on Grooving…


Maybe they’ll even become a Lifetime Member like you!


But all that begins with you getting things started by giving them the gift of Groove.


And speaking of gifts, here’s where I’d like to give you something to pass along…


Let’s go 50/50 on this gift!


A one year membership is $79 USD, but if you give someone the gift of Groove before the end of this year, I’ll cover half the cost, bringing the total price down to $39.50. 


This is something we’re doing exclusively for our Lifetime Members, and it’s our way of saying thank you to you for being such an important part of our Groove community.


To give someone a gift membership, simply enter their email address below. Once you complete the order, I'll send them an email and let them know you've given them a membership.  



Fine print: This membership does not automatically renew. There may be taxes added depending on your location. Discounted gift membership is only available for new Groovers.