This dance workout will give you an instant mood boost!

When you groove along with Body Groove’s Workout Series, your wellbeing will be instantly enhanced. This exhilarating happiness has a lasting effect that get you motivated and boost your mood.

Feeling flat and unmotivated

It's the most fun you'll ever have exercising! You will reconnect, not only with your body but with your inner child as you let yourself groove and be silly from your own home.

~ Misty Tripoli, Creator of Body Groove

Body Groove incorporates Dance, Play, Self-Expression and Creative, Functional Training

To Improve Strength, Coordination and Flexibility

Live vibrantly, feel energized, and have fun with Body Groove! Our Delicious Dance Collection is the perfect place to start. It features dozens of dance routines in every style imaginable. You’ll see improved strength, endurance, flexibility and balance and have fun doing it!

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Short workouts

Body Groove dance workouts are only 3-6minutes in length. Each one features a couple of easy dance moves, that are effective and FUN! You’ll be amazed what your body can achieve when you enjoy your workout.

Done your way

You don’t need to follow my movements exactly. Instead I’ll teach you how to make each movement perfect for your body, no matter what your fitness level. Working out your way is the RIGHT way.

To feel GOOD

When you groove with me I’ll never ask you to do something that hurts because there is no reason to add pain or stress to your body. Working out only works when you LISTEN to your body!

I did other workouts for years. The ones where you have to do exactly what they are doing and would beat myself up if I didn’t feel like I was doing as many reps as the people on the screen, or moving as fast. So I just stopped doing it. Then came Body Groove…

It was love at first dance! I look forward to doing this program on a daily basis and love that I can move at my own pace and I can be my own individual instead of trying to mimic everyone else. Best thing I ever did for me.” - Shauna P.

Get started with the best-selling Delicious Dance DVD Collection

3 complete Body Groove workouts


Over 19 dances to choose from at approx. 3-6 mins each. Each Body Groove Delicious Dance workout series consists of multiple dance from high energy to mellow grooves.

Workout Series 1 - $20 Value

7 routines - 39 minutes

Workout Series 2 - $20 Value

6 routines - 28 minutes

Workout Series 3 - $20 Value

6 routines - 27 minutes

Delcious Dance workout series

Here’s some samples of our dances

The Love Bus (Featured in this collection)

Big Moves (Featured in this collection)

House of Dance (Featured in this collection)


FREE DVDS - Value $40

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Stretch & Flex Workout - $20 Value

7 routines - 33 minutes

As we age, it’s ESSENTIAL that we keep our bodies flexible to decrease our risk of getting hurt, and to keep up mobile.

Mind & Body Workout - $20 Value

6 routines - 24 minutes

Unlike “regular” exercise, where you just mindlessly follow an instructor, Body Groove let’s you engage your mind in every workout.


Streaming Video - $39 Value

Streaming Video - $39 Value

Free streaming video access

For easy instant grooving anywhere, your order also includes streaming video access, so you can watch on your computer, Roku, AppleTV, or Amazon FireTV. Purchased separately, streaming video access is $39, but it is included as your free gift with your DVD order today!

There’s no risk to try Body Groove because I
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If you aren’t completely hooked on Body Groove and THRILLED with your results, you can send back the DVDs and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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