Forget everything you've been told about exercising and working out...Body Groove is your solution!

You don’t need to follow strict routines, strain your body, or feel stressed when you exercise. With Body Groove, I’ll guide you through a fun and simple routine and encourage you to make each movement your own.
It’s the dance workout that will give you an instant mood boost and can be done in the privacy of your living room (so you never have to go to the gym again).
Exercising with a trainer

It's the most fun you'll ever have exercising! You will reconnect, not only with your body but with your inner child as you let yourself groove and be silly from your own home.

~ Misty Tripoli, Creator of Body Groove

The moment you stop trying to follow traditional workouts and start allowing your body to move in its own way is the moment you will start to feel amazing! The secret to getting a healthy body is to listen to your body, and that’s what Body Groove is all about, listening to your body.

Body Groove is about moving your body in a way that feels good and is crazy fun! There are no strict routines, no trainers pushing you to strain your body, just an enjoyable and engaging workout you can do in your living room.

“I have so much more energy, more mobility in my joints, more flexible. I have motivation to dance/workout most days whereas before I found it to be a chore with other programs. Mentally, I am feeling healthy now, the anxiety and depression that I’ve faced for years has considerably decreased. I would say that has been replaced with wanting to wake up every morning, looking forward to my day, joy and peace have become more frequent. I smile more even on the crappy days. I’m so thankful.” - Amanda S

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It’s for the independent thinkers, who don’t want to mindlessly follow strict workout routines or strain themselves at the gym.

Achieve true, lasting health with Body Groove’s Delicious Dance on DVD


3 complete Body Groove workouts


Over 19 dances to choose from at approx. 3-6 mins each. Each Body Groove Delicious Dance workout series consists of multiple dance from high energy to mellow grooves.

Workout Series 1 - $20 Value

7 routines - 39 minutes

Workout Series 2 - $20 Value

6 routines - 28 minutes

Workout Series 3 - $20 Value

6 routines - 27 minutes

Delcious Dance workout series

Here’s some samples of our dances

The Love Bus (Featured in this collection)

Big Moves (Featured in this collection)

House of Dance (Featured in this collection)

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