This dance workout will give you an instant mood boost!

When you groove along with Body Groove’s Workout Series, your wellbeing will be instantly enhanced. This exhilarating happiness has a lasting effect that get you motivated and boost your mood.

Feeling flat and unmotivated

It's the most fun you'll ever have exercising! You will reconnect, not only with your body but with your inner child as you let yourself groove and be silly from your own home.

~ Misty Tripoli, Creator of Body Groove

Body Groove Incorporates

Dance, Play, Self-expression and Creative, functional training

To Improve

Strength, Coordination and Flexibility

“I’m totally in love with how delicious my body feels when I give it the freedom to move, but another big thing happens...it starts with a smile that spreads across my face and doesn’t stop there!!! It courses through my body like it has a life of its own, until it reaches every little part of me, until I feel like I’m going to burst with joy! Do it and you won’t be able to stop how you shine in your life.” - Carleen M.

Close up of Carleen's face

Live vibrantly, feel energized, and have fun with Body Groove’s Delicious Dance on DVD


3 complete Body Groove workouts


Over 19 dances to choose from at approx. 3-6 mins each. Each Body Groove Delicious Dance workout series consists of multiple dance from high energy to mellow grooves.

Workout Series 1 - $20 Value

7 routines - 39 minutes

Workout Series 2 - $20 Value

6 routines - 28 minutes

Workout Series 3 - $20 Value

6 routines - 27 minutes

Delcious Dance workout series

Here’s some samples of our dances

The Love Bus (Featured in this collection)

Big Moves (Featured in this collection)

House of Dance (Featured in this collection)

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