Easy Way To Exercise - 6 – Body Groove
Women love to dance...
but we hate dance fitness classes!
Body Groove changes that.
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I'll bet you've been there...

Trying your hardest to keep up with some overly complicated dance fitness class at your local gym.

Surrounded by other women, sweating and grinding through moves that you're not even enjoying.

Then, just when you get one of the moves down, your 20 something year old instructor moves on to the next move and you're right back where you started... trying to figure out what you're doing.


Isn't dancing supposed to be fun...?

Didn't you used to love to dance...?

Thankfully... now there's a new way to take your love of dancing and get a great workout.

It's called... Body Groove!

With Body Groove there's no difficult dance moves or trying to keep up with the instructor.

First things first...

I can’t tell you how many people tell me they love to dance but they hate dance fitness classes. But don’t worry…

Body Groove IS NOT a follow the leader dance class with complicated choreography.

Instead with Body Groove, I'll show you simple moves and then teach you how to dance them on your own....

Your moves. Your style. Your rhythm.

Which, BTW is the best way to dance.

And don't worry... even if you think you can't dance, I guarantee YOU CAN DO THIS!

Why I needed to create Body Groove...

Exercise - especially dance - should never be a "one-size-fits-all" approach to fitness.

That's because your body is unique...

The things that you can and can't do, your fitness level, your range of motion... Your likes and dislikes.

When I embraced this mindset it completely changed the way I taught my classes.

No longer was I content to just have people copy me. Instead, I was determined to help them learn how to move their bodies in a way that was best for them!

And that's exactly what Body Groove does.

When you learn to move in a way that is best for your body, that's when exercise becomes easy and enjoyable...something you want to do.

And you will experience incredible results. Just look...

With Body Groove... the RESULTS are REAL!


I never thought it was possible to love any kind of exercise… but I love Body Groove, so much. I can’t wait to do it every day. It’s given me so much confidence and now I feel like I can do anything.


I love that when I first started doing Body GrooveI I did it in a chair… that’s all I could do. Body Groove meets you where you’re at and helps you progress. After a couple of weeks I was able to get up and move around and now, there’s no stopping me.


I am addicted to Grooving every day....so much content and so much fun. I am so grateful I found this program and recommend it to anyone who wonders if they should try.

* Body Groove helps with weight loss when used in combination with healthy eating, and your results will vary depending on starting point, duration, and other factors.

Dancing is the ULTIMATE form of exercise!

Especially if you hate to exercise... like most of us.

Nothing compares to dancing as far as health benefits.

Not only is it a great, low-impact way to exercise...

But studies are now revealing just how much dancing contributes to your brain health, your confidence, your coordination, and even your gut health.

Dancing is simply the hands down best way to move your body.

And here's the really great news...

With Body Groove I'll show you just how simple dancing can be.

Why we HATE dance fitness classes...
  1. Impossible to keep up with the instructor - always feels like you are a step or two behind.
  2. Moves not right for your body - what's right for the 20 something year old instructor, isn't always right for you.
  3. Makes you feel unsure and self-conscious.
  4. No individuality or customization.
  5. Crowded, judgy, gyms. Enough said!
Why we LOVE to dance...
  1. Dancing makes you feel amazing - pumps your body full of endorphins.
  2. Dancing allows you to express your individuality.
  3. Dancing is the easiest way to move your body - you actually danced before you walked.
  4. Dancing doesn't feel like exercise and it burns a TON of calories... it's practically an effortless way to exercise.
  5. Dancing makes you feel confident and sexy.
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