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Get started with this exclusive 10 DVD Body Groove Discovery Collection and an exclusive first-time-customer price!

You'll Get The Delicious Dance Collection

These DVDs are the perfect introduction to Body Groove! You'll get 6 amazing workouts, with dozens of dance routines in every style. You'll get more strength, endurance, flexibility, balance - and have SO MUCH FUN!

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Here's what real Body Groove lovers say about these workouts!

And that's just the beginning! You'll also get everything you need to transform into a stronger, leaner, more flexible you - BURSTING with confidence!

Gentle Groovy Yoga - $29 value

Gentle Groovy Yoga is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT way to do Yoga!

I’ve been doing yoga for nearly 20 years and I can tell you I’ve never seen anything like this. Over the years while I’ve absolutely loved doing this type of exercise…I’ve found it can also be incredibly hard, painful, and even quite rigid in how you’re asked to perform the movements. So I put the “Body Groove twist” on this new program and I think it’s going to absolutely knock your socks off!

Gentle Groovy Pilates - $29 value

Gentle Groovy Pilates puts strength and flexibility easily within reach!

There's no question that Pilates workouts can help get your body get strong and flexible. But ordinary Pilates workouts are hard to follow, even for experienced experts. So I've brought the Body Groove workout philisophy to Pilates, and created short workout videos that are easily adapted for any fitness level.

Spicy Latin Dance Party - $34 value

Latin dance is my ultimate confidence boosting secret!

Right now, you may not feel like you have a lot of confidence, and the thought of doing the cha-cha through your living room while OVERFLOWING with confidence may sound crazy….

But let me tell you a little secret about confidence…

Confidence is a muscle that can be strengthened - just like your legs and arms.

The small steps you take by adding confidence to your Tango in the privacy of your home will make you a more confident person in EVERY area of your life.

There's no risk to try Body Groove because I GUARANTEE your results

I’ve seen Body Groove transform the health of thousands of people just like you, so I’m 100% confident that it will work for you, too. Order the DVDs today and put them to the test for the next 60 days.

If you aren’t completely hooked on Body Groove and THRILLED with your results, you can send back the DVDs and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Here's everything you get with your order today:

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Delicious Dance Collection

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Spicy Latin Dance Party

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