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Ask yourself this question:

Do you know any woman who is completely happy with her body? Any? Even one?

Chances are, you’ve probably never met a woman who was truly happy with her body.

That’s how it was for me…

I grew up with six sisters – and none of us were ever happy with our bodies or how we looked.

Plus, I’ve travelled all over the world teaching thousands of women about health and fitness, and it’s the same everywhere I go…

Sadly, we tend to hate the way we look!

And, don’t think hating your body is limited to ‘regular’ people like you and me…

I’ve trained the most elite fitness models in the world – and as insane as it sounds, none of them were truly happy with their bodies either.

For me personally, the hatred I had for my body led to an eating disorder which I suffered from for 16 years…

And it nearly killed me!

This self-hatred of our bodies is an epidemic that has to stop!

Fortunately, I discovered a few simple truths that allowed me to overcome my eating disorder, as well as completely change the way and I looked at my body.

These truths have literally saved my life!

Five Simple Truths that Changed Everything…

My life has been completely transformed by five simple yet profound truths.

These truths have literally saved my life by teaching me how to truly love who I am and how to love my body!

Now, as I teach these truth to women all over the world, I’ve seen their lives transformed too. That’s because women everywhere are constantly dealing with issues of self-hatred, like I did… but with no solution.

However, once they hear these truths, something magical happens...

They immediatley recognise a way they can be physically and emotionally happy and healthy.

That’s why it’s so important for me to share these truths with everyone I can.

Please keep reading, because I promise you that what I’m about to share will totally change the direction of your life – just like it did for me.

But first, I need to tell you my story…

My Story

My name is Misty Tripoli, and I’m the creator of Body Groove.

Early in my teen years, I realized that my body didn’t look like the ones I saw on magazine covers. (I didn’t know back then that those models have been Photoshopped six ways from Sunday…)

As I compared myself to these other women who I saw in the media, I became convinced that there was something wrong with me.

My thighs were too big. My butt was the wrong shape. I didn’t have six pack abs…

The more I obsessed over not being ‘perfect’, the more desperate I was to change my body.

The problem – and one the so many women face – is that I had never been taught what true health was.

I incorrectly assumed that thin meant healthy… and happy.

Because of this, I was determined to do anything to be thin… just like the women I saw on TV and in the magazines.

So, at only 16 years old, I got a job teaching aerobics… which meant that I could get paid to workout.

And that’s what I did. For hours and hours ever sinlge day, I punished my body into burning as many calories as I possibly could.

I can’t even begin to describe what a toll this took on my physical and mental health…

But even worse… My desire to be thin led me to developing the eating disorder bulimia.

I would binge on fast food, then overdose on cough medicine to make myself throw up.

Binge! Purge! Exercise!

That became the rhythm of my life… and for over a decade, and I was great at hiding it.

By my mid-twenties, I was an uber-successful fitness star.

I ran 5 health clubs in Los Angeles, and managed 500 trainers.

I was signed by Nike and Reebok to promote their brands.

I was creating fitness programs for the biggest names in the business.

And teaching 20 packed classes a week to women who thought I was the bomb.

My life was great… at least on the outside.

But here’s the truth…

No one knew about my vomiting 3-4 times every day.

No one knew that I was working out in secret in a desperate attempt to drop more weight.

On the outside, I was a perky fitness star.

But on the inside, I couldn’t find any reason to keep on living my miserable life.

It was in that moment where everything seemed so bleak that I actually had what can only be described as an epiphany.

It was during a time a deep reflection where I actually took a few moments to be still.

During this stillness, I honestely assessed my life by asking myself questions like…

“What am I doing?”

“Who am I trying to impress?”

“Is this as good as it gets?”

As I pondered those questions, trying to make sense of who I was and how I was living… five profound truths hit me like a ton of bricks.

These 5 truths became the foundation for my new life, and are the centerpoint of my Groove method of health and fitness.

For the first time I saw the world as it truly was, and I knew what I needed to do to be happy.

Here’s what I did…

I quit my career. Sold everything I owned, and moved away from the hustle of Los Angeles.

But what I did next might be hard to believe…

I stopped exercising. I stopped dieting. And I stopped forcing myself to vomit.

Ironically, by doing the exact opposite of what I’d been taught to do to get healthy… is what finally allowed my body to heal itself and experience true health.

(And as a side note, I quickly lost the extra 25 pounds of weight that I had been torturing myself to get rid of.)

These five truths are the basis for my Body Groove dance fitness program and the Groove workshops that I lead all over the world.

As I’ve taught these truths to other people, I’ve watched their lives transform, too.

I promise you: if you learn and apply these truths, your life will change too.

So let’s dive in…

Truth #1

Nobody cares what you look like

For too many years I obsessed over what people thought about me.

I was convinced that everyone around me was judging me because of the size of my butt, or how cool I looked when I worked out.

However, the truth is, practically nobody cares what you look like. That’s right… No one cares what you look like!

That’s because almost all people are simply too wrapped up in their own world and their own problems to really care about what you look like and to think much about your insecurities.

Coming to this realization completely changed my understanding of health and fitness… and it especially changed the way I exercised.

You see, like most people, I was so terrified of doing anything that wasn’t “cool”, that it actually prevented my body from moving in the most effective way to lose weight and to get fit.

However, when I realized that nobody cares what I look like, it gave me the freedom to move how my body needed to.

Instead of endless “monkey-see-monkey-do” exercise routines, I started moving in whatever way felt good to ME… and let me tell you, this was so liberating.

Now, more than just telling you how amazing this is, I want you to actually try it with a couple of my Body Groove at-home fitness videos that you see below.

As you do, please pay attention to what goes through your head. Do you find yourself holding back because you’re afraid of looking weird? If so, just remember… nobody really cares what you look like.

So, go ahead and try these short dance sessions for yourself and as you do, try to embrace the idea that no one cares what you look like.

"The Love Bus"

(From Body Groove Delicious Dance)

House of Dance

(From Body Groove Delicious Dance)

Truth #2

You are unique and you should be different

All too often we’re afraid of being different. I know I was.

I was afraid of looking different, sounding different, acting different and exercising different. So, I did everything I could to be like everyone else… which was totally exhausting.

But the simple truth is, I am different, and so are you.

Being different is just part of being human, and it means we each have to find our own path to health and happiness.

You can learn from me, but you can’t be exactly like me… and this especially applies to exercise.

After teaching thousands of follow-the-leader exercise classes, I realized that these were the least effective way to workout and get healthy.

Your body is different than everyone else’s, and you need to move in a different way.

What’s great about Body Groove is that it allows you to honor your differences while still engaging in whole body movement. No two people doing a Groove workout ever look the same – and that’s by design.

And this truth isn’t just about exercise. Don’t be afraid to be different in other every areas of your life.

So get out there and be different. And remember truth #1 – nobody really cares what you look like anyway! However, they will absolutely appreciate and recognise the confidence you exude when you do things your own way.

Truth #3

No one is going to do it for you

When I was at the top of my fitness career I was incredibly unhappy, but I didn’t know how to escape. However, I was actually making a big mistake.

You see, I was waiting for someone else to make me happy. I thought that I needed to be rescued by someone else.

But the truth is, I had the power all along to walk away – I just never appreciated that.

Ask yourself…

Who are you waiting for to make you happy?

Who are you expecting to bring you joy?

If you’re waiting for someone else to save you… then stop waiting!

If you want to be happy and experience joy and inner peace, that is your responsibility – and no one else’s. If you want to get healthy, you have to do it. You have to decide to take action, to move your body, to feel good, to be happy.

It’s all up to you!

Truth #4

When you live your way, you cannot get it wrong

Ask yourself… What would you try if you knew you could not fail?

Anything and everything right?

If you live your life trying to meet other people’s expectations, you will almost always fail. But it’s not because there is something wrong with you. It’s because you need to be doing things your own way.

But, when you do things your own way, you cannot fail!

Here’s another Body Groove routine to experience the joy of just moving… your own individual, unique, beautiful way.

If you try to do exactly what I’m doing, you’ll probably mess up. But if you let yourself move your own way, you cannot get it wrong!

That’s true in every area of your life. When you pursue your own, authentic path in life, you will always succeed.

Truth #5

You cannot know any truth until you apply it

The first four truths are life-changing – but only if you apply them. For example, it’s one thing to say that nobody cares what you look like. But you’ll never truly understand that until you step out and live it.

That’s what makes the Body Groove workout videos so essential to truly discovering your groove. They help you implement the 5 truths.

Once you taste what’s possible when you live as a unique individual, who isn’t held hostage by other people’s opinions and expectations, you can’t go back to doing cookie-cutter exercise routines.

Body Groove is a safe, fun and healthy way to test these truths for yourself. And when you honor these truths with your movement everyday, they will become a part of the rest of your life.

Let me help you discover your groove

My mission in life is to help others live the most delicious life possible by learning and applying these five truths. To do this I conduct retreats all over the world, teach workshops and training other body groove facilitators.

It is an incredible privilege to watch a woman come into a retreat feeling timid and tense, and leave a few days later being confident and calm.

People who felt trapped in a life they didn’t want are finally gaining the strength and freedom to live an amazingly delicious life on their own terms.

Unfortunately, we only have a few retreats a year, which means that only a very small number of people can attend.

That’s why I’ve created the Discover Your Groove at-home workshop. This online experience guides you through an in-depth look at the Five Truths, and teaches you how to apply them to your life.

Just imagine how different your life would be if you truly lived with these Five Truths as your guiding principles.

Imagine how different your relationships would be…

Imagine what it will feel like to stand naked in front a full length mirror and LOVE the person staring back at you…

Imagine what it will feel like to be the most confident person at your job…

Imagine how much more you’ll be able to accomplish when you get off of someone else’s merry-go-round and start following YOUR OWN path…

You may think that the life you are imagining is out of reach – yet I promise you that the Discover Your Groove at-home workshop will make it your reality.

Now, before I tell you any more about this workshop, I need to be absolutely honest with you….

If you are looking for a fairy godmother to swoop in and rescue you, and change your life for you…

Or if you’re just looking for more of the same quick-fix nonsense that you can find anywhere…

This workshop is not for you.

This workshop is for anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their future to achieve lasting happiness. You already know that no one’s going to do it for you. Yet, with the Discover Your Groove workshop, I promise you that you cannot fail.

So, if you’re serious about truly transforming your life and living life on YOUR terms, completely free from worrying about what others think…

If you are looking to honor your own unique self, and break out of other people’s molds…

If you are wanting to experience deep joy and inner peace…

If you are expecting to succeed every day because you are on your own path…

Then the Discover Your Groove workshop isn’t just a good fit for you – it’s honestly the only program I know of that will give you what you’re looking for.

The ulimate at-home mind & body health workshop

When I implemented the 5 truths into my life, my body naturally dropped the 20-25 pounds of extra weight that I’d been holding onto… all while doing less exercise and enjoying more of my favorite foods. That’s because being truly healthy begins in your mind.

Your mental state has just as much to do with getting healthy and losing weight as dieting and exercising.

That’s why my Disover Your Groove Workshop begins with getting your mind right. Here’s what that looks like…


The Discover YOUR Groove Online Workshop

The Discover Your Groove Workshop includes 8 modules plus 2 bonus modules. Each module has a video lesson, along with small actions to do so you can easily and successfully apply these principles in your life!

  • Module 1 – Overcoming Bulimia
  • Module 2 – How Groove was Discovered
  • Module 3 – Exploring Truth #1 (Part 1)
  • Module 4 – Exploring Truth #1 (Part 2)
  • Module 5 – Exploring Truth #2
  • Module 6 – Exploring Truth #3
  • Module 7 – Exploring Truth #4
  • Module 8 – Exploring Truth #5
  • Bonus Module 1 – (see below)
  • Bonus Module 2 – (see below)

In each of the 8 empowerment modules, and bonus modules, I’ll reveal the secrets for you to experience a delicious, happy, healthy life.

My video lessons are raw, heart-to-heart conversations about the hidden truths that have given me so much peace and satisfaction as I’ve applied them.

And the video lessons are just the start. The real magic happens when you follow my easy, step-by-step instructions to make the truth come alive in your own life.

To experience the ‘magic of groove’, you don’t need any special equipment – just a computer or smartphone to access the online videos and transformation actions, a notepad or journal, and some space to move freely when you groove.

There is no test at the end, and as long as you truly find your own path in applying these truths, you cannot fail.

You could do the entire workshop in one day, but most people prefer to spread it out over 8 days or so. Remember, you’re changing the course of your entire life – no need to do it overnight!

That said, many workshop students email me on their first day and tell me how different they feel after just the first module…like they are finally seeing the light after all these years…

For a limited time...

get your “Discover Your Groove” program at an incredible discount…

The retreats that I teach at some of the most exotic places in the world can cost thousands of dollars. And while my at-home workshop isn’t exactly the same thing as being at one of my week long retreats, it’s certainly much more affordable… and it delivers the same transformations.

Just like I do at the retreats, I explain how to escape the cycle of anxiety and fear that traps us in situations that are literally killing us…

And of course, you’ll discover how to make fitness and movement incredibly enjoyable and empowering… so that you’ll never have to “exercise” again!

The complete Discover Your Groove at-home system packs a $4,000 retreat into a much more affordable solution – yet, you’re actually going to get even more than that today…

I’m going to give you two free bonus modules to help you transform your life.

Bonus #1:Your New Relationship With Food ($40 value)

When I was bulimic, I was terrified that I would never have a healthy relationship with food. Yet today, I’m having a MAD LOVE AFFAIR with delicious food! I enjoy whatever food makes me happy, with nothing off limits. And I don’t waste one second of my life stressing out about counting calories…

You might think that with such an indulgent relationship with food, I would be unhealthy. Yet I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. If you would like to enjoy this same freedom and pleasure in your eating, you’re going to love this free bonus module.

Bonus #2:Learning to Love Yourself ($40 value)

There is no more profound love you can experience than your own. Think about it: no one else really knows you like you do. If you can learn to love yourself, you will experience profound inner peace that will be the foundation of a truly happy life.

You might think that with such an indulgent relationship with food, I would be unhealthy. Yet I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. If you would like to enjoy this same freedom and pleasure in your eating, you’re going to love this free bonus module.

You can see why the combination of the Discover Your Groove workshop is worth at least $250 even without the bonuses, and if you purchased the bonus modules by themselves, your total investment would be over $300…

Yet, I have a much better deal for you…

Obviously, you could just choose to continue on the path you’re on now…

The path that SOMEONE else has put you on, that isn’t your own authentic path…

And you could continue to waste a fortune chasing the newest fitness trends, the fad diets, or the latest exercise gadgets…

And let’s not even begin to talk about the sky-high medical bills and medication costs that are a guaranteed symptom of those failed quick-fix health and fitness programs…

That’s not what I want for you. You deserve to live a life that is as healthy and delicious as mine, and I want to show you how – so let’s make this really easy decision for you, okay?

Listen: I remember when I was trapped in my old life…

I would have given anything to escape and learn these truths, yet I know that wouldn’t have been able to afford an expensive all-inclusive retreat. And even a few hundred dollars for an at-home workshop might have seemed too much…

And I don’t want financial hardship to keep anyone from learning and applying these Five Truths to their life.

That’s why your total investment today for the at-home workshop modules isn’t going to be $329…or even half that…

In fact, you’re going to get all of that for only a single payment of $49.


Best of all. I don’t want you to have to risk anything until you know for sure that the Discover Your Groove at-home workshop is going to completely change your life.

That’s why I unconditionally guarantee your happiness with a 60-day money back guarantee.

My only request is that you really give the workshop an honest try.

Change can be difficult, but I promise you that I will walk you through small steps that will make a big difference in your life…but you have to actually be willing to change. If you’ll commit to opening your mind and learning these Five Truths, and following through with the transformation actions, I know you’ll be blown away by how different your life is.

And if you’re not happy with the workshop for any reason, just send me an email at within 60 days and I’ll refund every penny of your purchase price – no questions asked.

Remember, you’ve been struggling to love, respect and enjoy your body for far too long. And the pain of continuing on that path of inaction will only lead to more despair…and worse health…

Yet, all of this can change when you start your very first module in the Discover Your Groove workshop.

Picture the moment you finally have the answers you’ve been looking for, and you find yourself on the right path for the very first time…

You feel alive…full of hope and optimism…

You look in the mirror…and see a new you…

You are healthier…more confident…more calm…

You are experiencing the life you deserve!

Listen: if you’re struggling to have the body, the health, and the life you desire…it’s not your fault. We’ve been lied to about how to be happy and healthy.

Yet, you must remember that you are the only person who is responsible for your health and happiness. YOU must take the action necessary to change your life.

Today is your day to take full responsibility for your future.

And remember, unlike phony quick-fixes that don’t work, the Discover Your Groove workshop and Body Groove Fitness Routines are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Plus, anytime you have a question, my team and I are here to help by email or on Facebook. You don’t have to do this alone!

Immediately after you place your order today, you’ll be taken to a signup page where you’ll create your private account on our website so you can access all the workshop content.

Remember, you’ll get all 8 workshop modules, plus the bonus modules to help you build a brand new relationship with food, and finally learn to love yourself.

Just do not put this off one second longer, and here’s why:

Unless you take action today, you may never take action. You may do what most people do, and “put it off”…”just a few more days”…which turns into months, then years…

So let’s make sure you get what you really want…

Let’s make sure you get what will truly make you happy…

And do the only smart thing you can do:

Try the Discover Your Groove workshop right now, and get on the right path to a happier, more peaceful, more delicious life today.

Discover Your Groove Online Workshop ($249 value)

  • 8 life-changing video lessons
  • Module 1 – Overcoming Bulimia
  • Module 2 – How Groove was Discovered
  • Module 3 – Exploring Truth #1 (Part 1)
  • Module 4 – Exploring Truth #1 (Part 2)
  • Module 5 – Exploring Truth #2
  • Module 6 – Exploring Truth #3
  • Module 7 – Exploring Truth #4
  • Module 8 – Exploring Truth #5
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions to apply what you learn

Bonus Module #1 ($40 value)

Bonus Module #2 ($40 value)