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Forget everything you’ve been told about exercising… our super fun dance workouts are for everyone!

You don’t need to follow strict routines, strain your body, and feel stressed when you exercise. With Body Groove workouts, I’ll guide you through a fun and simple routine, and encourage you to make each movement your own.

It's the most fun you'll ever have exercising! You will reconnect, not only with your body but with your inner child as you let yourself groove and be silly from your own home.

Misty Tripoli

Creator of Body Groove

Body Groove is specifically created for independent thinkers who like to move their bodies creatively instead of mindlessly following strict routines. They can be done by anyone regardless of their health and ability because you control how you move your body.
You don't have to look like anyone else or do it like anyone else.
Dana F.

After the devastating loss of her mother, Dana struggled to care for her health and wellbeing. Everything hurt physically AND mentally and she eventually suffered a heart attack as a result.

Then one day she stumbled upon Body Groove and after losing 35 pounds* through easy and safe dance workouts, she is happier and healthier than she has been in years!

* Body Groove helps with weight loss when used in combination with healthy eating, and your results will vary depending on starting point, duration, and other factors.
Body Groove appeals to a different kind of person - the person who prizes their independence, who doesn’t want to mindlessly follow a choreographed workout, and likes to have fun.

The truth is, anyone can do it!
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Here’s what’s included:

Delicious Dance Series #1 – $20 Value

(7 routines – 29 minutes)

Delicious Dance Series #2 – $20 Value

(6 routines – 27 minutes)

Delicious Dance Series #3 – $20 Value

(6 routines – 28 minutes)

Free Bonus Workout #1 – $20 Value

"Stretch & Flex" (7 routines – 31 minutes)

Free Bonus Workout #2 – $20 Value

"Mind & Body" (6 routines – 38 minutes)

Free Bonus House Party Workouts – $29 Value

Delcious Dance and House Party

Here’s some samples of our dances

Delicious Dance - Love Bus

Delicious Dance - Big Moves

House Party - Boom Boom Boom

For a limited time, bundled with House Party

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Delicious Dance Series #1 $20 Value
Delicious Dance Series #2 $20 Value
Delicious Dance Series #3 $20 Value
Stretch & Flex Workouts $20 Value
Mind & Body Workouts $20 Value
House Party Workouts $29 Value
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