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Add the Dance Your Heart Out video collection to your library for a special price!

Add the Dance Your Heart Out video collection to your library for a special price!

I'm so excited that you're getting my Delicious Dance videos, and I'd like to say THANK YOU by giving you DOUBLE the fun!!

My new dance fitness video collection - Dance Your Heart Out - is now available as a 2 disc DVD collection, and you can add it to your order today at a special price!

This new collection includes 30 brand-new dance routines arranged in 5 awesome workouts - PLUS a very special bonus session that I guarantee you're going to love!

If you like Delicious Dance, you'll LOVE Dance Your Heart Out

Each workout is designed to guide you through a transforming and empowering series of movements that will leave you feeling AMAZING.

And of course, it's BODY GROOVE, so there's no follow-the-leader nonsense. Instead, I give you the basic moves and you add your own style and finesse.

These workouts are specifically made for just about ALL fitness levels. (You'll even see people grooving in their chairs in these videos!)

There are a total of 5 workouts in the collection. Series 1, 2 and 3 are complete half-hour dance parties that deliver a great, heart-pumping workout. My Alive & Strong workout is perfect for those days when you want to add some extra strength to your day. And for those days when you need to just let your body rest, I've got my Relax & Restore workout to gently groove to.

Plus, I'm including a special bonus. After we filmed these new workouts, I surprised our dancers with a guided self-massage session that they absolutely LOVED. This quick 14 minute Self-Care Session is included in the Dance Your Heart Out video collection.

I'm LOVING grooving to these workouts - and I'm not the only one! Check out the reviews from Body Groove lovers just like you:

Real feedback from Body Groove customers

I know you want to try these workouts! So check out a few of the routines in my new DANCE YOUR HEART OUT collection…

Super Funk

(Featured in this collection)

Love Set Me Free

(Featured in this collection)


(Featured in this collection)

Your Dance Your Heart Out DVD collection includes...

Your Dance Your Heart Out DVD collection includes...


Each Body Groove Dance Your Heart Out workout series consists of six dance routines and each is workout is about 30 mins long.

Workout Series #1 – $20 Value

(6 routines – 29 minutes)

Workout Series #2 – $20 Value

(6 routines – 27 minutes)

Workout Series #3 – $20 Value

(6 routines – 28 minutes)



Free Bonus Workout #1 – $20 Value

"Alive & Strong"

(6 routines – 31 minutes)

Free Bonus Workout #2 – $20 Value

"Relax & Restore"

(6 routines – 38 minutes)

Free Bonus Session #3 – $20 Value

"Self Care Session"

This guided 14-minute self massage session is designed to empower your body's natural healing and restoration abilities. I recommend treating yourself to this amazing sensation at least once a week!

Special Bonus – $29 Value

Along with your DVDs, you'll also get instant streaming access to all your Dance Your Heart Out videos.

You'll get instant access to HD streaming video right on your smart TV, computer, smartphone or tablet.

And if you have a Chromecast or Apple TV, you can stream the Body Groove videos right to your connected TV (don't sweat - it's easy, and I'll walk you through the setup!)

As with all Body Groove videos, the Dance Your Heart Out Collection comes with a no-questions-asked 60 day money back there's no risk to try these new grooves now. But you must take advantage of this special one-time-only pricing, because this offer isn't available anywhere else.

So go for it! I know you're going to LOVE THESE GROOVES!!!

Misty Tripoli

Creator of Body Groove

Here's everything that is included with your Dance Your Heart Out DVD Collection

Here's everything that is included with your Dance Your Heart Out DVD Collection

Series #1
$20 value

Series #2
$20 value

Series #3
$20 value

Alive & Strong Workout
$20 value

Relax & Restore Workout
$20 value

Self-care Session
$20 value

Dance Your Heart Out Streaming Video
$29 value

Total value of $149

Regular price: $39

Special Price today when you add this to your Delicious Dance order: $30

All prices are USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a one time purchase?

Your purchase today gets you your 2-disc DVD collection, plus lifetime access to all the Body Groove Dance Your Heart Out streaming videos. There are no additional payments due or subscriptions.

Will the DVDs play in all DVD players?

Yes, the DVDs are formatted to play in all DVD players worldwide.

How do I play the streaming videos?

Your streaming Body Groove videos will play on a smart TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you have an Apple TV or a Chromecast device connected to your TV, you can stream the videos to those as well using a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you need technical help getting streaming video setup, my team is here to help.

I have physical limitations. Can I still do a Body Groove workout?

Body Groove allows for infinite modifications, so almost anyone can modify the workouts to match their fitness level. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program to make sure it's safe for you.