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Meet Misty Tripoli, the creator of Body Groove

Hi, I’m Misty Tripoli, and I'm so excited for you to see my Body Groove dance videos.

Just like you, I was FED UP with boring, repetitive workouts that gave my body nothing but pain…

So I created Body Groove as a radical alternative to “regular” exercise…

Here's how it works:

In each 5 minute routine, we’ll do a couple of easy dance moves that work your whole body.

Rather than just following me exactly, I’ll teach you how to make each movement perfect for your body, no matter what your fitness level, and no matter what limitations you have that day.

Every time you Groove with me, you can do as many of the short dance workouts as you want, but I’ll never ask you do something that hurts because there’s no reason to add pain or stress to your body.

Instead, you’ll do exactly what feels right for you, and I promise you’ll see incredible results.

Here’s the difference between “regular” exercise and Body Groove

  "Regular exercise" Body Groove
Boring Loads of fun
Difficult to follow You can’t get it wrong
Copy an instructor Do it your own way
Monotonous Creative
Makes you hurt Makes you feel amazing

Body Groove is SO different than regular exercise that it’s kinda hard to explain exactly how it works.

So let me SHOW you instead...

Take a look at this short video...

As you can see, this workout has a couple of simple dance moves that will work your whole body.

Since we all have different bodies, with different energy and fitness levels, there’s no “one way” to do the workout. That’s why I teach you how to make it perfect for your body.

And check out the people dancing with me...they’re all different shapes, sizes, and ages, with different levels of fitness, energy, and mobility.

And they all did that workout in the way that was exactly right for them.

That’s why Body Groove is helping people get into the best shape of their lives, even when “regular” exercise seemed difficult and painful.

And the best part is you can start TODAY, no matter what your fitness level is right now.

Amanda's story

When Amanda from Illinois was diagnosed with diabetes, she knew she needed to find an exercise program that worked for her. But at 302 pounds, most “regular” workouts were painful and difficult. Watch what happened when she discovered Body Groove…

Real women of all shapes and sizes are discovering that Body Groove is the perfect workout to help them:

Melt off extra pounds

Build strength and endurance at any age

Increase flexibility and mobility

Here's what real women have to say about Body Groove:

Jami F.
Lost 60 pounds*

I didn't go into this thinking I would have this sort of weight loss, where my children look at me and say "you're melting".

Brigetta J.
Lost 65 pounds*

You move your body in a very gentle, compassionate way. And lo and behold, I've lost 65 pounds since January.

Tina K.
Lost 70 pounds*

The steps are very simple and easy to do. You don't feel tired or sore afterward. I love Body Groove!

Cindy S.
Lost 71 pounds*

I love Body Groove! It allows me to be active and use all my body. I can go at my own pace, and enjoy all that I do.

Toni K.
Lost 80 pounds*

It's a fun way to exercise and almost feel like you're not exercising, but you're getting a great workout.

Jennifer J.
Lost 100 pounds*

I had tried every diet and exercise program imaginable and given up on myself. In December, I found out I was going to have my first granddaughter. I don’t know why, but something clicked in my brain this time. I stumbled across a Body Groove video on Facebook and I was hooked. And today, I made it to that 100 pound mark in less than 7 months!

* Body Groove helps with weight loss when used in combination with healthy eating. Results will vary depending on starting point, duration and intensity of exercise, and other factors. Always consult your physician before you start this or any exercise program.

Body Groove works for hundreds of thousands of women all over the world...and I want your life to be the next one transformed by this RADICALLY DIFFERENT way of thinking about fitness!

I want you to become the next member of our growing Body Groove tribe.

If you’re a little bit skeptical that easy, do-it-your-own way dance workouts can work for you, I want to invite you to try it for yourself before you rush to any conclusions.


When you join our tribe, you’ll get access to over 150 different Body Groove workout routines. Give some of them a try and see what it’s like to do a workout that feels good.

There's a HUGE variety of workouts, from high-energy dances to mellow grooves, and even my own groovy take on yoga!

In addition to the 150+ dance workouts, you’ll also have access to the Discover Your Groove Workshop video course, which gives you the same empowering coaching you would get at one of my week-long retreats, in the convenience of a self-directed at-home program.

Here's how to join us!

Membership in the Body Groove Tribe is only $9.99 (US dollars) per month, with no commitments.

Even better, you can take Body Groove for a free test drive with a 7 day free trial.

Simply enter your contact and payment details using the link below and you’ll get full membership in the Body Groove Tribe, with all the workout videos, and the workshops for 7 whole days before your card is charged.

During your free trial, if you give it a try and decide that Body Groove isn’t the right Tribe for you, no worries. You can cancel with a simple click on my web site and you’ll never be charged a single penny.

To recap, here’s what you’re going to get when you join the Body Groove Tribe:

 150+ Body Groove Workout routines, featuring easy movements that work your entire body at once. You can stream the workouts to your computer, watch them on a tablet or smartphone, or even use your Roku, AppleTV or Amazon FireTV.
 My Discover Your Groove Workshop, where we’ll explore how to increase every area of your health and happiness through new thinking and easy-to-implement strategies.
 A 100% risk-free 7 day trial.

Your free trial is 100% risk free. Your credit card will not be charged for 7 days.