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Can The Right Daily Probiotic Quicken And Sustain Weight Loss?

Recent Study Reveals Women Taking Specific Lactobacillus Strain Lost 50% More Than Those Taking Placebo*

Can The Right Daily Probiotic Quicken And Sustain Weight Loss?

Recent Study Reveals Women Taking Specific Lactobacillus Strain Lost 50% More Than Those Taking Placebo*

This isn’t a magic pill.

It’s not another jittery diet tablet with nasty and unwanted side effects. And it’s certainly not a replacement for proper nutrition and exercise.

But there’s a reason you’re seeing probiotic-packed foods like kombucha and yogurt taking over your local grocery stores. That’s because over the last few years rock-solid research continues to pile up proving the wide range of health benefits of probiotic supplementation.

In fact, according to renowned BMJ Peer Reviewed Medical Journal, in just the last 5 years more than 12,900 publications were released studying the effectiveness of probiotics. Gut health has officially hit mainstream, and deservedly so.

From improving immune function and digestion, to increasing metabolism and yes, even weight loss, the case for incorporating some kind of probiotic into your diet has become unarguable.

So the question for the women in my Body Groove community isn’t whether they should be taking probiotics, but what kind of probiotics they should be taking.

And with around 5,000 distinct bacterial strains found in your gut, when seeking a specific benefit like weight loss, the strain you choose matters greatly. Here’s why...

How Bad Gut Health Can Cause Weight Gain

How Bad Gut Health Can Cause Weight Gain

About 100 trillion bacteria (good and bad) currently live inside your gut. In fact, you have roughly 10 times more bacteria than cells in your body!

Altogether, these bacteria are referred to as your “gut flora” and are mainly located in your intestines. And this is where it gets tricky…

Because different bacteria strains impact your body differently. Some enhance and improve your digestion and quicken metabolism, while others actually slow it down. Recently it’s even been shown that obese people have a different gut bacteria than non-obese!

And those scientists took it a step further still. They took the exact gut bacteria from the obese people and put it into mice and...the mice gained weight! Pretty crazy, right?!

According to Nancy Rahnama, MD, a bariatric physician in California...

“Gut health is a significant determinant of one’s metabolism and likelihood of gaining weight. The gut is where all of the body’s nutrients, micronutrients and minerals are absorbed. Therefore, if there is impairment in the gut, the body will likely be deficient in key nutrients that are necessary for an optimal metabolism.”

All of this is to say, your gut health matters.

So much so that scientists now refer to your gut as…

Your 2nd Brain!

Your 2nd Brain!

They call it this because the metabolic activities of your gut flora resemble those of an organ and are responsible for critical functions of your health.

Good gut bacteria can affect how your food is digested, how fat is stored, and whether you feel hungry or full. It also manufactures vitamins and uses fats to strengthen your immune system, along with a whole host of other metabolic functions.

And since probiotics are simply living microorganisms, they act as a colonizer of your gut flora by increasing the number of health-boosting microorganisms (good bacteria).

In layman's terms, they help your gut bacteria to do their job more efficiently, and research shows that people who use them along with a low calorie diet lose more weight than people who use diet alone.

Harvard Medical Says...

“Not All Probiotics Are The Same”

Harvard Medical Says...

“Not All Probiotics Are The Same”

Harvard Medical School published a recent article stating “not all probiotics are the same”. Then went on to highlight the different benefits of the different strains like we mentioned above.

That’s why my Body Groove Essentials Weight Loss Probiotic has been specially formulated to support your gut microbiome in a way that makes it easier to lose weight.

While others simply use the “cheapest” strains available -- some which could actually have you gain weight like Lactobacillus acidophilus -- I spent considerable time ensuring this would be the absolute best solution for the women in my community.

The secret to the effectiveness of my weight loss probiotic is two "super strains" of Lactobacillus bacteria. Also known as the “weight loss probiotic”. These microbes restore your body's natural fat metabolism, allowing you to achieve your weight loss goals with greater ease.

Unlike many generic probiotic formulas, mine also delivers carefully selected pre-biotics as well (think of those as fuel for the helpful microbes living in your gut!)

The combination of our two “super strains” and the added pre-biotics creates a one of a kind uniquely formulated Body Groove Supplement!

Try It 100% Risk-Free For 60 Days - plus BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

Try It 100% Risk-Free For 60 Days - plus BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

If you’d like to not only lose weight more quickly, but do it without the jittery and nasty side effects of other hardcore diet pills, I invite you to try out my all-natural Body Groove Essentials Weight Loss Probiotic.

This unique blend of pre and probiotics can help you have more energy, a stronger immune system, better digestion, and increased metabolism. All contributing to healthy and consistent weight loss!

And for a limited time, when you buy one bottle, I'll send you a second one absolutely free!

Remember, if you're not completely happy with it, please send me back the empty bottle, and I'll refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.