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Affiliate Program Rules

  1. Affiliates must comply with all applicable regulations in their promotional activities. 
  2. Affiliates must NEVER make unsupported health claims in connection with Body Groove.
  3. Affiliates may not use images, videos, audio, copy, or testimonials they do not own unless they have secured written permission to do so.
  4. Affiliates may not bid on Body Groove related keywords on search engines.
  5. Affiliates may not represent themselves as Body Groove on social media.
  6. Affiliates may not run ads that send traffic to a Facebook page.
  7. Affiliates may not link directly to the Body Groove shopping cart - customers must see the Body Groove sales page before they place an order.
  8. Body Groove is committed to improving body acceptance. Our goal is to create a stronger, healthier, more confident world, filled with people who love and respect all bodies regardless of size or shape. Affiliate promotional activities that do not align with this vision are not permitted.
  9. Affiliates who are not complying with these policies will be permanently banned from affiliate promotion. Body Groove is solely responsible for determining compliance. 

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