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30 Day Body Groove Discovery Challenge

Mark this day in your calendar: May 23, 2019

Beacause today is the day that EVERYTHING changes for you!

Look, I don't know what brought you here or why fate decided that our paths should cross at this specific time in our lives, but I do know this with absolute certainty...

It's not a mistake that you have joined the Body Groove family, and today you start a new journey unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Tens of thousands of women from all backgrounds have already seen incredible results with Body Groove. Why shouldn't you be next?!

Women who've "tried everything" start losing weight and keeping it off...Seniors who are now moving and dancing with the energy of someone 20 years younger...People with injuries finally found a way to get the exercise they desperately wanted...

But that's just the beginning...

The GREATEST BENEFIT of Body Groove isn't the rapid increase in fitness...

The best thing about Body Groove is the effect it can have on EVERY AREA of your life when you apply the same principles that make Body Groove so magical.

I want to show you what I mean, but first, I need to be 100% honest with you about where I'm coming from.

This was me, before Body Groove

I was exhausted. I was discouraged. I was lonely. I was angry.

My body was broken down, sore, and swollen from the toxic roller coaster of binge eating and secret vomiting.

I had sacrificed for years to climb to the top of the ladder, only to discover that the life I had dreamed of seemed like a mirage...

On the outside, I tried to be perky and optimistic...

But on the inside, I was secretly questioning if life was even worth living…

It’s not an exaggeration to say that developing Body Groove, and its transformational principals, quite literally saved my life.

My new mission

That’s why I’m on a mission now to share Body Groove with as many people as possible, including YOU. And so far, I’ve been fortunate enough to share this life-changing message with women all over the world.

Now, you may not be in the same dire straits that I was when I hit rock bottom…

Or maybe you’re in even darker circumstances...

Either way, I’d like to show you how a DIFFERENT way of thinking can lead to a DIFFERENT way of moving, learning, and living… and it can be so much easier than you ever imagined.

Several times a year, I hold a week-long retreat for Groovers where we explore these principles, and the transformations are incredible.

But I know that most people can't make it to a week-long retreat, so I've worked with my video team to create the Discover Your Groove Workshop, which brings the transformative power of Body Groove into your home.

Your 30 Day Body Groove Discovery Challenge

Over the next 30 days, we’ll be walking through the Discover Your Groove workshop, where we’ll work together to bring peace and clarity to your inner world. Along with the workshop, I’ll also guide you through 30 days worth of carefully selected Body Groove dance workouts, pulled from my entire library of routines. From high-energy dances to gentle, groovy yoga, you'll enjoy a great variety of workouts.

Now I’m not going to promise you that in 30 days you’re going to become a professional dancer, lose 50 pounds, and solve world hunger…

But I will promise you this:

If you work with me for 30 days, you’ll be a happier, healthier, and far more authentic version of yourself, guaranteed. Even more importantly, the trajectory of your life will be headed in the right direction…

You’ll be moving towards having the life you deeply desire and truly deserve!

It’s an honor to coach you through this 30 day challenge.

And I want to be 100% honest with you…

There are going to be some difficult moments in the next month…

It may seem confusing at times, but the pathway that will guide you away from the pain you feel today will absolutely lead you out of your comfort zone

In those tough moments, the only person who can give you the strength you need is Y-O-U. That’s why it’s essential that you make a commitment to yourself RIGHT NOW to see this challenge through.

So if you’re committed, I’m here to help!

Here's how to get started

To get started, we need to get you access to the entire Body Groove video library. We’re going to be using videos from ten different workout collections, and of course, you’ll need the Discover Your Groove workshop videos.

You do have the option to purchase all the videos on DVD, but to remove as many hurdles as I can for this challenge, I want to give you a free option as well.

Body Groove On-Demand is our streaming video library, and it gives you access to all the workout videos and workshops on your computer, tablet, smartphone, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and most smart TVs. (Think of it like Netflix, but with a wealth of life-transforming Body Groove videos!)

An all-access membership to Body Groove On-Demand is only $9.99 per month...but as a special arrangement just for this 30 Day Discovery Challenge, your first 30 days are going to be completely free, with no commitments whatsoever.

Simply click the button below and enter in your card details and contact info, and you'll get a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL so you won't be billed at all during the challenge.

It’s my “results in advance” way of helping you to sample Body Groove and become a member of this absolutely incredible community!

And look, I know that your life can radically change in just a few short weeks. I’ve seen it happen to myself, and I watched it happen thousands of times with women all over the world - so I know these next 30 days are going to be amazing for you.

BUT...if for any reason if you decide that Body Groove isn’t your cup of tea…

You can cancel your membership with a simple click on the web site and you’ll never be charged a penny.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started. Click below to create your Body Groove On-Demand account (remember, you get 30 days as a free trial so there’s no risk).

Your 30 day challenge starts tomorrow, so take action right now to get started.

Here's everything you get with your 30 Day Challenge:
 Instant access to 150+ routines
 My Discover Your Groove Workshop
 Daily email coaching
 Watch on computers
 Watch/download on tablets
 Watch/download on smartphones
 Watch on Roku
 Watch on Apple TV
 Watch on Amazon FireTV

Take the 30 Day Body Groove Challenge!