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Instant reminder to shed negative thoughts

Posted on July 03 2021

"Been grooving for about a year (on and off) I'm on day 13 of the body groove challenge. It’s helping me BIG time to work through old emotions and feelings and the dancing afterwards is SO freeing. The meditation and self awareness moments are also extremely beneficial, something I have always had a hard time with before.

To be constantly reminded that "you can't get this wrong" "whatever feels right for you IS right" is KEY. It immediately reminds me to shed the negative thoughts sneaking in.


My 9 year old daughter joins me often and the lessons she is learning about loving herself are so comforting knowing she is soon going to be subjected to the world's views of what is "pretty". She has also reminded me in key moments (ie. bathing suit shopping) that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks and that I look beautiful. I will forever be a groover and I could not be more thankful that I came across Body Groove. It is life changing!

- Shannon Silva 


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