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I have lost 95 pounds so far

Posted on June 18 2021

“My name is Sylvia, I am 60 years old and I have been Grooving now for over a year. 

I have always had weight issues but in 2017 health issues took center stage and I ended up in the hospital with complications from cancer and lost my strength and ability to walk. Once home I tried to keep the weight off I had lost while in the hospital but it came back.

Fast forward a year and I lost my husband and the emotional journey complete with emotional eating took its toll. 

I saw the ads on Facebook and watched them thinking that they looked fun and Misty was so encouraging I decided to give it a try. 

You see I had bought the videos just before my husband passed but put them away not even opening them. So I dusted them off and started my journey to where I am now. I feel healthier than ever, my balance and strength have improved and I have lost 95 pounds so far.

The workouts are fun and I look forward to doing them. Thank you Misty for creating a workout program that encompasses total health and encourages us all to just do what you can and love yourself." 

- Sylvia 


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