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You Were Born to Thrive!

Posted on October 11 2018

Are you aware of the fact that you weren't born to just live? You were born to thrive!

I mean, really thrive. Like love life, and savor life, and enjoy it, and have abundance, and have love, and have every delicious thing that you want.

Do you believe that? Because that is the truth.

A lot of why we don't thrive is because we don't think we're worthy of it. We don't think it's actually possible for us. We see it outside of us and go, "I just envy that life," or "Oh that person's really thriving."

But the truth is we were all born to thrive. There is enough for everyone.

When I mean thrive, some people think it's money and wealth and material objects. That's one form of thriving, and I think that's great, and I think we deserve that, and you're worthy of that as well.

However, for me... there’s no real correlation to how much money's in my bank and whether I feel good about myself. 

I'm thriving when I'm doing things that make me happy. And I'm eating foods that make me feel vibrant. And I'm surrounding myself with amazing positive people. And I'm challenging myself to learn new things. And I am taking classes that excited me and open my mind to new possibilities.

That feeling of thriving and being healthy, I now know is my natural birthright, and yours too.

So, if you want to thrive, whatever area that you want to thrive, first is you have to believe that you deserve it and that you are worthy of it and that it is possible.

Second, is follow the things that make you happy. The things that make you feel healthy. The things that make you feel vibrant and excited about life. Because that's the way we're supposed to be.

When you're ready to make a different choice and you want to start thriving, we can rock it together. But you got to start with knowing that you're worthy of it and you deserve it and it's possible.

So let's thrive.

Love Misty


  • Davita posey: February 22, 2020

    I used to do the Richard Simmons tapes but my husband passed away like 10 years ago I got a lot of weight back sense then. lost all the types VHS at that but I’m waiting on my DVDs I wish they’d get here. I love that music in the Way She Moves I can’t do normal exercise I’m disabled but I think I can do what she’s doing. I know I can! thank you.

  • Vanessa L Quiocho: February 20, 2020

    Today, February 20,2020
    I’m waiting on my videos.

  • Alexis lavoie: February 17, 2020

    I just received the
    DVDS and yesterday I started using them, I may not be great a dancing but I think this will be a fun way to exercise, I have had Knee Replacement the past year so some of the movements I am having a bit of trouble doing but I am going to do it. Thank you for this positive Message I hope with this exercise and a new diet I am on I can lose the wt I want .

  • Rita: February 16, 2020

    I received my 2 DVD’s “Delicious Dance” Disc 1 and Disc 2. Disc 1 does not play. At first, it was very low and I adjusted the sound but there is still not sound. How can I get another one?

  • JaNn: February 15, 2020

    Let me clarify … I’ve recently ordered the DVD’s which is why I haven’t received them yet. My apologies for not being clear. 😊

  • JaNn: February 15, 2020

    Just wanted you to know that I haven’t received my DVD’s yet; However, Thank You So Much … I really needed to be reminded of this today. 😊

  • Gayle: February 13, 2020

    This was a great message. I plan to start on the DVD’s as soon as I get them. I pray it will help me as I don’t want to do anything anymore, not even leave house except to go to church on Sunday mornings. I don’t drive at night anymore but I hurt so bad most days I just don’t do anything. Thank you. I will be 74 on 23rd and had back surgery in May and not getting over it like I have in past. Already had therapy twice and it helped some. May “God bless you”

  • Tammy Signer-Holmes: February 09, 2020

    Thank you… I have watched your videos on commercials on fb for atleast the past year. Then last week I decided i really wanted to do this. I won $50 and decided well there’s your win that keeps giving. I bought your dvds and tomorrow I start . I just can’t wait to find me and thrive. I’ll be 60 this year and just want to live! Thanks to you…

  • Janice Jensen: February 06, 2020

    Today I received you’re grooving DVDs and I loved it I’m on oxygen I have COPD but I’m still doing my workout and I really enjoyed it it was like I didn’t realize I even had my oxygen on I really enjoyed it and had fun God bless you have an awesome day

  • Debbie Branch: February 04, 2020

    Thank you Misty I’m so excited can’t wait to receive my DVD’s so I can get started waiting on pins and needles

  • Pat Frontuto: February 02, 2020

    Thank you Misty! I told a friend of mine that you are Prophetic, I felt your energy that God is using you to share this thriving message, Body Groove and so much more! I am a child of God, and so blessed with pretty good health, rich in my heart and saved in my soul!❤️ I am following thriving, loving, positive people! I do the Body Groove with you folks and left the group due to some haggling, and that is okay, they will get there! God has blessed you, and is using you, and I am thrilled to be part of this with you and others!🎉🎉🎉🎈😍

  • Pat Mathison: February 01, 2020

    Thank you for the positive thoughts.

  • Tina Barreau: January 31, 2020

    Misty – Where have you been all my life??? 😄
    I truly enjoy this Amazing, Beautiful, Supportive group of individuals, working towards a common goal. Thank you for showing us how!

  • Katie Lynch: January 15, 2020

    I love the positive vibes and the energy of the videos . I just started a few days ago, and now everyday I just want more. I have been dealing with a lot of negative the past few years. I am so done with that and I don’t want it near me anymore. Seeing and dancing to the videos make me feel alive again. So thank you 🙏 for what you do. Blessed be and Love

  • Karen: January 15, 2020

    I am worthy. I deserve it. And it is possible! My life mantra. As a thriver from addiction, violent abuse in all forms, 9 invasive surgeries, (3 open-heart in 14 months) I now know what it is to live with vivaciousness from the inside out! I am a thriver! Fabulous message Misty and on do we need to hear more of it!

  • Diane Kraft: January 13, 2020

    Great message. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bonnie Reisel: January 12, 2020

    I’m 66 high blood pressure high blood sugar high cholesterol over weighed about thirty forty pounds forty five pounds. I just got my workout video from you and I can tell you that I love it !!! you are an inspiration and I thank you for being here for those of us that are a little low in spirits..just need a little inspiration from a positive person..
    thank you !! :)

  • Elsie Vina: January 10, 2020

    I needed this message I am a new be.And 3020 a new me.thank you

  • Giuseppina: January 07, 2020

    Thank you for your message. It is my birthright to be happy and feeling vibrant.
    I am following your january challenge and subscribed to your page. Ciao

  • Cathy Thompson: January 01, 2020

    Are your dance routines, be found online. that i can pay for like on you tube? I have no dvd player,

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