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You Can’t Get It Wrong!

Posted on August 24 2018

I hear it all the time from women all over the world...

“Fitness classes and DVDs aren’t fun because I never seem to get all the moves right, and I can’t keep up with the instructor.”

You can probably relate to this. You’ll try a class and a fitness teacher is doing a routine they’ve done hundreds of times, and you’re just trying to keep up. You’re almost always a couple of steps behind the instructor.

Then, when you do get a move right.. you light up and it feels great. But no sooner do you have the move down when the instructor goes on to the next one. When you finally catch up, you again experience that wave of excitement... and then the instructor moves on again. It’s a constant game of catch up and it can be really frustrating.

With Body Groove, I want you to explore your own uniqueness. I want you to focus on your body... not on the instructor's. I want you to figure out what works for you by experimenting with what feels great and what doesn't.

Now, please don’t be intimidated by this because when you do it your way you cannot get it wrong! Your way is the right way!

When you trust your body to move in a way that feels right, even though that will be different from everybody else, your body will naturally do things the way that is best for you. When you do it your way - you just can’t get it wrong.

However, more than just tell you this... I want you to practice it. Groove with me with this video and really experiment doing it your way. You’ll be amazed at how much better it feels. I know you're going to love it! 

Let yourself be different. Embrace your uniqueness. Trust your intuition. Let yourself be weird and crazy. You’ll discover things about yourself that will blow your mind when you give yourself permission to be unique.

I promise you... Your way is the right way!


Much love - Misty