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The Real Problem with the Peloton ad

Posted on December 18 2019

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island for the past month, you’ve no doubt seen the controversy surrounding the Peloton ad that features a woman’s one year journey using the Peloton exercise bike.

The backlash to this ad has been insane.

The criticism to this ad includes things like…

  • How dare a man buy a woman a piece of exercise equipment. That is totally sexist and demeaning.
  • The woman in the ad is already in great shape, she doesn’t need to lose weight.
  • After a year of working out - the women looks exactly the same.

Here’s just a few tweets concerning the ad…


    Pretty harsh, huh? And these were the more tame comments.

    While I think these negative reactions were unwarranted, I think they miss the biggest problem with the ad...

    To me, the message that the only way to get healthy is by doing an insanely intense workout on a piece of exercise equipment is a BIG FAT LIE.


    You can move your body in a fun, gentle and creative way and still get a great workout.

    In fact, it wasn’t until I stopped doing all of the hard core, "no-pain, no-gain" type of exercises that I actually got healthy and lost weight that I’d been carrying around for years.

    That’s why I created Body Groove.

    To give you an alternative way to workout and move your body and still get the results you’re looking for.

    But don’t take my work for it.

    Try it for yourself. 

    Try a 21 minute workout on Body Groove On-Demand

    As you’ll notice, it’s nothing like riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill until you're completely exhausted...

    It’s not boring...

    It’s not mundane...

    It’s not follow the leader!

    However, it is FUN and It is EFFECTIVE.

    So if you haven’t tried it yet, do it today.

    Much love,



    P.S. I'd love to know if you agree with my conclusion. Let me know by commenting below.



    • Jessica: December 19, 2019

      I agree with you to the degree that it’s not the only way to go. However, some people like that type of workout and need that type of structure. People took this way out of context. It’s not that he was “that guy” in the relationship. Maybe she asked for it and that’s why she was so excited to get it. Maybe she had dropped a few “subtle” hints that was the only thing she truly wanted for Christmas.

      She also made it a point to not say anything about her weight but more or less how it had changed her energy levels and that’s what working out does working out changes your mood changes your behaviors a little and she felt that change that she needed from not working out.

      These comments are ridiculous shaming the commercial.

    • Beryl Washington : December 19, 2019

      I used to take a Johnny G spin class 5 days a week, for years. Gained weight instead of losing it.
      Sticking with you Misty. I love you and your videos. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

    • JoAnn: December 19, 2019

      I have a stationary bike and I’ve done aerobics, both which are very boring. I just found Body Groove last week an immediately signed up for the streaming package. I love to dance, and have been know to dance around the kitchen while making dinner. :) Body Groove meets me right where I’m at. Thank you Misty for making these videos.

    • Shelley: December 19, 2019

      What commercial? Lol. Completely missed it and actually don’t care.
      I’m so happy I signed up for streaming of body groove. I love doing it and it’s easy. It brings me joy! What better gift for yourself? Something that brings you joy.
      Thanks Misty. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    • Rida: December 19, 2019

      It like honestly , do use a women usually good shape , misty said it very well, so I won’t repeat. Body groove is how I got my creative juice for dance and so much more. Plus you can do it any were. One bike can’t do it( it may help for while , till you get bored.) When I see ads like that, I just don’t buy into it.

    • Stacy Pollino: December 19, 2019

      Just let me Groove!

    • Pamela: December 19, 2019

      I just figured this was an ad to sell merchandise and I didn’t think anything good or bad about it. My thoughts are the same as Kari, Paula, Gidget, and Juno. The model is beautiful and fit and I admire her. When I was young I loved really pushing myself because it made me feel great. Now, at 73, I have no desire to do that and Body Groove is perfect for me!

    • Lois Barnett: December 19, 2019

      I wholeheartedly agree! All those positive things and a new range to my body’s movements and my mind engaged for creativity. Thank you!

    • Lee Ann Flint: December 19, 2019

      I don’t watch much TV or see a lot of ads online. But…. exercise bikes are boring. The dreadmill is boring. Physical therapy is boring but necessary. Dance is joyful !!! I have been doing Body Groove two or three times a week, along with drastically cutting the amount of fats in my diet. It hasn’t been very long, just a couple weeks. The fat rolls on my sides are GONE. The jelly belly pooch is getting smaller. I have a long way to go, but the results are astounding and I enjoy my sessions so much that I don’t even dread the physical therapy for sciatica. There’s carry-over going on there. Here’s to joy !!!

    • Rebecca Eldenburg: December 19, 2019

      I totally agree with you. I’m ten years older than you and obvi not known at all, but I have taught classes my entire life (yoga, Pilates, aerobics, step back in the day) and LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do. I bought the 30 day challenge and can already tell a difference I. My body movement. I have myofascial every week and my therapist asked what I was doing. I hope to share you with a lot of peeps. Merry Hollydaze!!!🥰

    • MARY: December 19, 2019

      I “teach” your class at a drop in center. People love it cuz they can stand for a while, and if they need to they can sit for a while. I have a woman in a wheel chair that does it. Or they can lean on a chair if they need to. And, get this, it’s mostly the guys who do it! They have bad knees and backs and they moan & groan when they first start, but they feel proud of themselves when they’re finished. Our favorite is “Rainbow”. Thanks, we love you Oh PS I think the guys love it because of your cute work out clothes!!! ML

    • Kari: December 19, 2019

      I had no problem with the ad at all. Maybe just maybe that’s what she had asked for, thinking she wouldn’t get it. And maybe, just maybe she wanted to be more committed to exercise they WAY she wanted to. Geesh! If it was an overweight chick getting it?!! … all hell would break loose and everyone would be offended because of that and the fact that one doesn’t HAVE to be skinny to be loved, admired and yes, even healthy. The problem is… everyone is just looking for excuses to be offended and chime in with their opinion. LOL that is what makes me sick. We don’t always have to give our opinions in everything we see and read!
      I love Body Groovebecause I can move the way I want to and it’s just freeing to be and do me.

    • Renee Strouse: December 19, 2019

      I completely agree Misty;) your body groove workouts don’t feel like work at all. It’s a shame to call them ‘Work’ outs. My husband watched me doing one of your routines and he commented on how it looked like I was having so much fun. I said ‘cause I am! Thank you Misty!!!

    • Patricia: December 19, 2019

      I really did t pay muchind to that Pelotón commercial.. those commercials are a dime a dozen.

      What I do pay mind to is this…

      Every time I worked out hard, I ended up with an injury that took months to heal which slowed me down, frustrated me and I would lose motivation to do ANY kind of workout.

      Now I am going to admit that I am a couch potato but honestly, I love Body Groove… Sometimes I stream the videos while I am cleaning and even though I may miss a step or two.. I’m still doing more than if I was just going about boring chores… And the music is phenomenal… You can’t sit still even if you try!!! Misty, thank you for encouraging and inspiring us and for so cleverly tuning in to what we need most. Love you girl! ❤️ Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    • Sandra: December 19, 2019

      Pelaton is trying to sell stationary bikes and will do what they think is the most effective way to do that. At age 74 i have no desire to kill myself over “fitness”.
      Body groove is good and easy and along with intuitive eating i can lose the weight i need to and move and feel good while doing it!! Keep at it Misty!!

    • Cheryl B: December 19, 2019

      I agree with Misty,

      I can’t say I love or hate that ad, but I’ve seen lots of their commercials and not one makes me want to get one! It looks grueling! I’ve also gotten many types of machines over the years and gotten debt I didn’t need as a result and never stuck with any of them for the long term. As others said the became oversized hangers! It’s now been just over a year I started Groovin’. In my 56 years it’s the only program I’ve stuck with this long! Slowly I lost some weight and inches. That’s okay with me! I’d rather go slow and keep it off than kill my self doing it only for it to all come back again once you’re burned out from over exercising and dieting.

    • Michelle R. Brundage: December 19, 2019

      LOL, “unless you’ve been living on a remote island”, my family doesn’t have “regular” TV, we stream our shows and don’t have commercials so I hadn’t seen this commercial. I love Misty’s idea of grooving much better than anything I’ve done before. In fact, after starting the 30 day free trial of the 30 day challenge I donated all my workout DVDs and just stream the groove videos. I hadn’t used them in several years and knew I wouldn’t. I am almost 50 and Misty’s routines are fun and invigorating. I don’t have great rhythm but I care a lot less now and have fun working out.

    • Paula : December 19, 2019

      I didn’t find the ad offensive at all. If my husband purchased that for me I’d be over the moon. She may have not looked any different after a year (c’mon now it’s a commercial) but just because you are thin doesn’t mean you are healthy. As far as I’m concerned if it brings you joy then do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s dance, weight training, crazy hardcore cardio….whatever you choose that makes you happy then go for it.

    • Shirley: December 19, 2019

      I found the ad to be ridiculous only because she didn’t seem any different in the end. For me, being a larger lady, I couldn’t identify with the ad, and just felt like she was being overly dramatic. We have a family member with an eating disorder, and I felt this ad reinforces her obsession with never being small enough. But I do think that all the crazy hoopla just gave the ad more attention than it would have ever gotten….or deserved!
      Like the others have said, “Body Groove” beats the machines by far! I have enough clothes hangers, I’m sticking with you, and “Body Groove”! ❤️💚❤️

    • Katherine : December 19, 2019

      I didn’t think the ad was that offensive but I think ppl loose momentum after awhile and they become very expensive clothes hangers. I live in a small house and it would be in the way. I would rather dance then be bored and then be stuck with a very expensive piece of equipment 😊😊😊😊

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