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The Real Problem with the Peloton ad

Posted on December 18 2019

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island for the past month, you’ve no doubt seen the controversy surrounding the Peloton ad that features a woman’s one year journey using the Peloton exercise bike.

The backlash to this ad has been insane.

The criticism to this ad includes things like…

  • How dare a man buy a woman a piece of exercise equipment. That is totally sexist and demeaning.
  • The woman in the ad is already in great shape, she doesn’t need to lose weight.
  • After a year of working out - the women looks exactly the same.

Here’s just a few tweets concerning the ad…


    Pretty harsh, huh? And these were the more tame comments.

    While I think these negative reactions were unwarranted, I think they miss the biggest problem with the ad...

    To me, the message that the only way to get healthy is by doing an insanely intense workout on a piece of exercise equipment is a BIG FAT LIE.


    You can move your body in a fun, gentle and creative way and still get a great workout.

    In fact, it wasn’t until I stopped doing all of the hard core, "no-pain, no-gain" type of exercises that I actually got healthy and lost weight that I’d been carrying around for years.

    That’s why I created Body Groove.

    To give you an alternative way to workout and move your body and still get the results you’re looking for.

    But don’t take my work for it.

    Try it for yourself. 

    Try a 21 minute workout on Body Groove On-Demand

    As you’ll notice, it’s nothing like riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill until you're completely exhausted...

    It’s not boring...

    It’s not mundane...

    It’s not follow the leader!

    However, it is FUN and It is EFFECTIVE.

    So if you haven’t tried it yet, do it today.

    Much love,



    P.S. I'd love to know if you agree with my conclusion. Let me know by commenting below.



    • Katherine Pinkleton: June 16, 2020

      I really am so happy with my purchase. I don’t even manage to do the workouts every day (about 4-5 times a week) but can already tell a big difference in my ability to do the moves and my stamina and muscle tone. I’m 60 and have struggled with weight most of my life. As for the peloton commercial, not for me, way too expensive, but I’m not gonna get too bent out of shape over something I can ignore.

    • Miriam Lark: May 31, 2020

      I have just read all the available comments before I purchased the Grooving DVD’s. I’m still going to purchase the DVD’s even when the comments didn’t talk much about Misty’s product , which to me it sold its self. All the negativity about another product, was a contradiction to the body positive self image that we are needing in this cruel & bulling Society we live in!!! Misty’s product along with her positive nature & upbeat music is really a nice way to give us a self fulfilling workout, that’s not even a workout per say. It’s just positive way of seeing ourself that we haven’t seen for years. Everyone else is to busy picking out all of our negative points, “according to them.” That drag us down along w/life situations that are to numerous!!!!!!
      So bottom line is purchase this, get moving, & put a smile back on your face . That’s even good for ur face muscles.

    • Laurie: April 07, 2020

      I have never been a very good dancer. Not much rhythm or coordination. I am trying the Groove workouts and so far have been enjoying them. I don’t look like the people on the screen when I am doing the moves but that is the point right? (You can’t get it wrong.) I am waiting to see what kind of results I get. This is at least something that I can enjoy trying to do. Not much for the real aggressive work outs as they are boring and I dread doing them. Hopefully I will see good results!!

    • Fatima Epes: February 27, 2020

      Misty, I haven’t even begun your program, and I LOVE IT!!! I don’t think the comments were warranted about the Peloton ads, and I agree it doesn’t take all that. I am ex-military, was (yes past tense) in the best shape of my life! but now I need to get BACK to it. I love what you have, and I love to dance. I am sorry I missed the opportunity to be a teacher and do you the classes here in Northern California. Please let me know if it comes back. I will be getting my annual membership and starting my dancing! FORGET PELOTON….get with people, encourage, edify, lift up, and have fun while getting back into better living!!!!

    • Yvette M. Alley: January 22, 2020

      Well…. I guess I am one of those that lives on an island. I don’t watch TV, so I have never seen the ads. Everyone is hypersensitive anymore. My thought is that we should find things that work for us to be healthy and do them. Don’t worry about what the world says. Focus on changing ourselves is the way we change the world.

    • Sue: January 04, 2020

      The ads don’t bother me. I guess I don’t automatically look for the misogynistic in them. But, having looked into a Peloton a few years ago (I used to take a spinning class I enjoyed)- they are expensive and the classes are a monthly fee- I think it was about $70 a month when I checked into it. Body Groove is more fun and way less expensive!!

    • Sandra Brimmer: December 22, 2019

      SPOT on!! I don’t like ads like these one iota! too many companies pushing stuff that are really unrealistic! How do one really KNOW the person in the ad really did all that? It’s called deception.

    • Joy Marino : December 20, 2019

      Well, I took it as…

      This woman committed to doing what made her feel good, plowed through the potential set backs and made herself happy and proud. Her supportive significant other gave her the gift that she probably had always wanted.

      Not my personal choice, but to each their own.

      Dancing is my thing and I know it’s not for everyone.

      As for the commercial, any commercial honestly, most of them are over the top and they mostly make me laugh and rarely persuade me to buy any thing.

      But, that’s just me.

    • Mari: December 20, 2019

      I literally asked for a Pelaton bike if we can ever afford it because I love Pelaton. I use a cheaper spin type bike and it works just great. I have knee and back problems so I love having a bike. Dancing and other aerobics and evening walking can be painful. The Pelaton app has a ton of classes so you can choose the type of music you love, the instructor you love, the level and intensity you want. It’s so great and so fun and so inspiring.
      When I saw the ad I thought I’d be that happy to get the bike too! I love exercise equipment. And exercise isn’t just about weight at all. When you work hard for any length of time and achieve your goals, whatever they may be, it does change your health for the better including your mental health which I believe Misty, you promote too. Pelaton and Body groove are very similar in that way. They’d be a great compliment to each other.
      I don’t get the backlash. Not everything needs to be so serious. It’s just a commercial. But I guess now a ton more people know Pelaton exists so I’d say that’s a win for them.

    • Sasha Frugone: December 20, 2019

      I am a transpersonal empowerment coach. I have recommended a body groove subscription to all of my clients because of the foundational premise "love and acceptance of where you are right now is perfect.

      Nothing works until one can establish a solid positive core identity. When what I was about was getting to somewhere better, it made the moment wrong and me less than.

      Body groove – Misty begins with loving your body right now – let it tell you what is right for you. This makes me “ok” right now – not some ambiguous time in the future.

      Now is the only moment we have – when I define failure in the present moment, it will eventually cause a why bother feeling.

      This is not about becoming something better in the future, it is about loving who me as I am, then powerfully choosing what changes I would like for my future.

      I just turned 64. I to laugh, love and be happy and joyous – in every moment – especially when I am moving my body! This is what is available in a partnership with Misty Tripoli and Body Groove

    • Cherri Buxbaum: December 20, 2019

      I absolutely LOVE Body Groove!! I don’t get to it as often as I like but every chance I get I do at least one workout!! It’s fun and I love listening to Misty, she’s so down to earth unlike the other people that are supposed to “help” you!! I love your cute workout clothes too!! 😁

    • Flo Hill: December 20, 2019

      I was reading the comments and hope our community of Body Groovers are not haters. There are all types of exercise for all types of people. I have tried the stationery type exercise, walking / running and dancing. Dancing is my choice. But what Body Groove does that is different from all I have tried is Misty incorporates everything. She challenges you to work your eyes, internal organs, mind, fingers, toes, spine, arms, legs and body. And she encourages you to do it with joy and freedom to explore you. Be lovers not haters accepting everyone where they are and accepting yourself where you are. GROOVE ON!

    • Lynne A Palmer: December 20, 2019

      Long time below knee amputee. Exercise has always been difficult but I love to dance. Beginner Groover. Excited to see where it takes me.

    • Audrey Gagne: December 20, 2019

      Hi Misty. What you are saying is true. A person does not have to go all out and exercise hard to lose weight, but that is how our weight loss marketing in this country works because that’s where the profits are. But we all have different constitutions and personalities. Some love to train harder than others- I believe it is a personality thing. Our energy levels and motivators are all slightly to hugely different. Whatever gets you motivated, up and moving is all good, but training hard is absolutely Not a must to lose weight. It’s largely your high quality food intake and mental perspective. For myself, I gravitate towards gentle movement. That’s why I love Grooving. I am an Essentrics exercise fan and have been doing that for 3 years now. It’s a mixture of tai chi, ballet, and physical therapy inspired moves and I love it. (Your new yoga and pilates dvds remind me of that- I love them!) Grooving is a wonderful compliment to that for Me, but many people need the structure and intensity of sweating it out. This is why you need to keep pushing your Groove to help get the message out there in the mainstream consciousness that effective exercise can be gentle, fun, and highly effective in healing body aches as well as getting stronger and leaner.

    • Donna: December 19, 2019

      I don’t own a peleton but I have had other fitness equipment and I must say that Body Groove is more fun, engaging, easier and enjoyable way of exercising. I am totally loving dancing and grooving my way back to a more fit and healthier me. It’s definitely more affordable.

    • Ann: December 19, 2019

      I can tell you and the posters have never rode the Peloton. I am a member of Body Groove but the Peloton is more interactive, more personal, and comes with a loving, large, boisterous community that stays in touch. I am a Peloton fanatic! It has NEVER been about losing weight and the ad did not mention WEIGHT! Many riders are young and fit, most are old and fit like me, and some are 300 pounders. Please don’t project your own weight obsession on what is a life-changing community and exercise experience. This was NOT a paid advertisement and I am not employed or have any connection with Peloton other than owning and loving one!

    • Sundie: December 19, 2019

      I absolutely agree with you. There is so much hype this time of year and starting into the new year about losing weight, getting healthy, etc. The bottom line is, do what makes you feel good, and works for you, it is different for each individual. I have definitely benefited from Grooving, and I love it. I used to dance when I was younger, and missed it so much, then when I became obese, I felt completely defeated, until I started Grooving. Getting on the treadmill, the elliptical machine and any of that did little for me, but dancing is a whole other story. The ad is very misleading, and a little disturbing. Advertisers will do just about anything to get people to buy their products. Best advice, do the research before making any purchase. Done ranting:)

    • Mary pressel: December 19, 2019

      I have seen the ad and I agree maybe she asked for it and not to lose weight just to keep fit.
      I have found body groove and it is much easier to do even setting in a chair. Mitzi shows you how and you do it your way. You move to great music. Try it out. It is fantastic, and not boring at all.

    • Carol: December 19, 2019

      That ad can be taken so many ways!
      Although I like cycling (maybe 10-15min), I LOVE Grooving!! It helps with balance, stiffness, flexibility, muscle tone, smile muscles AND laugh muscles!!!
      I can Groove for much, much longer, I feel refreshed and happier after a great session or just a quick session. (and I can Groove anywhere…grocery store,work, etc.)

    • Donna DeMuro: December 19, 2019

      My take on that ad was that she probably asked for the Peloton because she was excited about it. And that’s great if you’re into something like that. Not for me. With some health issues as I’ve aged, I’ve gone from Biggest Loser type DVDs to Groove because my body just can’t take that kind of abuse any more. I’m unfortunately sidelined due to an impending foot surgery and other stuff. Once I’ve been released by my doctor and feeling more “normal” I’m going to try grooving again.

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