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The end of an era

Posted on August 01 2021

In 2011, I had an idea for a new kind of fitness video. 


I was fed up with follow-the-leader exercise videos that were more frustrating than empowering.


I wanted to create something that would allow ANYONE, at any fitness level, to gain better health - even when nothing else seemed to work.


I wanted to create something that would be infinitely customizable, so that everyone could do it their own way.


Most of all, I wanted to create a workout video that would be FUN!!


So I gathered up some friends who loved to dance, hired a camera crew, and made the Body Groove Delicious Dance DVDs. 


I was SURE that the Delicious Dance videos would ignite a revolution within fitness…


But the new videos didn’t exactly fly off the shelves…


I found a few open minds who were willing to try something DIFFERENT, but Body Groove has never exactly LOOKED like exercise, and the vast majority of people were too skeptical to give it a try.


Instead, the revolution has happened in slow motion. Over the past 10 years, little by little, more and more people have joined this movement. 


Body Groove still doesn’t exactly look like exercise, but Groovers keep spreading the word, and slowly but surely we are changing the world of fitness.


And while the Delicious Dance videos are still some of my favorites, my team and I have been continually creating new dances, and we’ve now released 10 DVD collections that have brought Body Groove into thousands of homes all around the world. 


But times have changed since 2011, and DVDs are no longer the best way to bring you the magic of Body Groove.


So, I’ve made the decision to bring the Body Groove DVD era to an end.


Now don’t worry, we’re not going to stop making great new Body Groove videos, in fact we are releasing new videos this week.


But from here on out, we want to deliver them to you digitally with our Body Groove On-Demand service, streamed directly to your computer or TV, with support for lots of different streaming devices. 


While we have stopped manufacturing new DVDs, we do have a limited number still in stock, and we will be clearing those out over the next few days.


I hope you’ll give our Body Groove On-Demand service a try, but if you want to buy any more DVDs from us, now is the time to do it because the DVD store will be closing on August 13.


Click here to see what is left in stock -->


It’s a bittersweet moment for me. The Body Groove DVDs have touched so many lives, so it will be sad to see that chapter come to an end. 


But I am wildly enthusiastic about everything we have in store for Body Groove, and I’m positive that you’re going to love the new developments at Body Groove On-Demand. 


Much love,

Misty Tripoli