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A "Life Loves" Me Attitude... and why that makes all the difference.

Posted on February 21 2019

In this picture from the book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr. Stephen Covey, what do you see?

An old lady… or a beautiful young women?

Dr. Covey included this picture in his book to illustrate how we can perceive things differently based on our perspective.

From one perspective this picture looks like an old lady.

However, from another perspective… it looks like a young woman.

Do you see it?

If not, perhaps this next picture will help. It emphasizes the young women on the left, and the older woman on the right.

Try looking at the picture on the left first. Then look at the picture in the middle. You’ll more than likely see the young woman.

Now, try it the opposite way around. Start by looking at the picture on the right that emphasizes the old woman, and then look at the picture in the middle. You’ll likely still see the old woman.

So often, the way you look at life depends on your perspective.

For me, I used to believe that my happiness, my success, my relationships… etc, was outside of my control and that life wasn’t always fair.

But then, I decided to look at life a from a completely different perspective.

Rather than saying, “Life Wasn’t Fair”… I started saying, “Life Loves Me.”

Let me tell you… this has made all the difference.

When facing a sickness, job issues, health, or anything else…. A “Life Loves Me” attitude has allowed me to tackle challenges differently, to look for opportunities to grow and learn, to be more grateful, and to see solutions instead of problems.

But more than that, there’s just something about the type of people and things I’ve been able to attract in my life by having a “Life Loves Me” attitude

I want you to have a “Life Loves Me” attitude too.

As you go about your day and face the challenges that will certainly pop up... try looking at things from a place of gratitude, a place of understanding, and a perspective of optimism. 

Doing this will make all the difference and soon, you too will recognize just how much... LIFE LOVES YOU.