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7 Really Good Reasons to Stop Weighing Yourself

Posted on April 18 2019

Up... Down.... Up... Down... Up... Up?? UP?!?!

That’s what my internal chatter sounded like when I was caught in the trap of stepping on my scale everyday.

Some days (when my weight was “down”) it was great and I'd leave the house feeling on cloud nine.

Other days (the “up” days”) it felt like someone just tied bricks around the ankles of my motivation and pushed me into the deep end of the pool.

But for some reason, many women (myself included in the past) seem to think it’s a wise idea to weigh yourself everyday. That it keeps you accountable.

Today, I couldn't disagree more!

And look, if weighing yourself everyday is working for you, by all means...keep it up!

But in my own experience, as well as my interactions with thousands of women I meet all around the world - of all shapes, weights, and ages...that’s just not the case.

Instead, weighing yourself everyday can actually SLOW your weight loss by increasing your negative self talk and crippling self comparison... which can prevent you from treating yourself in a kind, loving, and healthy manner... which is what you need to do in order to be healthy in the first place.

Besides, there are just too many factors at play that cause the numbers on your scale to wildly fluctuate each day. Chances are you're not getting an accurate reading each time you step on the scale! So why grade yourself on faulty reporting?

Here’s what I mean... 7 really good reasons to stop weighing yourself:


    1. Muscle really does weigh more than fat. For many women, when they start working out, they get healthier and stronger. Muscle weighs more than fat, hands down.
    2. Weighing yourself can become an obsession. You can develop an unhealthy relationship with your scale - weighing in several times a day and adjusting habits in response to small fluctuations. This can lead to over-exercising and eating disorders.
    3. Water weight naturally fluctuates. Eating, drinking, exercising, and hormones can all impact your body’s water composition and weight on a daily basis. You can literally gain up to 5-7 pounds of weight per day just by drinking fluids! 
    4. The scale does not determine your self worth. Emotional well-being should never be tied to a number. Your beauty and self-worth are not measured by your weight. 
    5. Weighing less does not mean you are healthier. Weighing less is not a fool-proof indicator of health. For example, your bathroom scale doesn't measure heart health, emotional health, blood-sugar levels... or any other important indicators.
    6. The scale can ruin your day and squash your motivation. As mentioned above, if you let it, the number on your scale can impact your day in really negative way. Don't let it.
    7. Getting rid of the scale is liberating. I actually don't own a scale anymore and perhaps getting rid of your scale will allow you to start loving your body more and working with it... not against it. 


    And these are just scratching the surface!

    This is why I advise you to not weigh yourselves more than once a week... tops. And only if you really want to! But more important than anything else…

    Fall in love with the PROCESS of dancing and exercising, and stop focusing on the outcome.

    When you do that, magic happens. Your confidence soars, your body naturally finds its healthy shape, and your negative self-chatter disappears.

    Let someone else use the scale as their worst enemy.

    You don’t need it.

    Life really is too short to wallow in self pity when there’s a huge opportunity to just love yourself right now, exactly as you are.

    Much Love,